Angle of Yaw
Angle of Yaw

A National Book Award finalist, Angle Of Yaw is a sharp and flowing intervention into politics, plastics, emotional chiaroscuro, and many et ceteras. Presented as a series of prose poems periodically interrupted by verse, this book gives its reader a critical yet affectionate look at contemporary culture. – Picked by Laney, City Lights Books

In his bold second book, Ben Lerner molds philosophical insight, political outrage, and personal experience into a devastating critique of mass society. Angle of Yaw investigates the fate of public space, public speech, and how the technologies of viewing-aerial photography in particular-feed our culture an image of itself. And it's a spectacular view.

The man observes the action on the field with the tiny television he brought to the stadium. He is topless, painted gold, bewigged. His exaggerated foam index finger indicates the giant screen upon which his own image is now displayed, a model of fanaticism. He watches the image of his watching the image on his portable TV on his portable TV. He suddenly stands with arms upraised and initiates the wave that will consume him.

Haunted by our current "war on terror," much of the book was written while Lerner was living in Madrid (at the time of the Atocha bombings and their political aftermath), as the author steeped himself in the history of Franco and fascism. Regardless of when or where it was written, Angle of Yaw will further establish Ben Lerner as one of our most intriguing and least predictable poets.

Title Angle of Yaw
Author Ben Lerner
Publisher Copper Canyon Press
Title First Published 01 October 2006
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 80 p.
ISBN-10 1556592469
ISBN-13 9781556592461
Publication Date 01 October 2006
Main content page count 80
Weight 16 oz.

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