Ingrid Caven
Ingrid Caven
A Novel
Translated by Michael Pye

" Adolf Hitler, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Yves Saint Laurent – German-born cabaret singer Ingrid Caven's life flowed around these icons of 20th century European counterculture.... a collage of that strange postwar period in Europe of high artifice, drugs, terrorism, leather jackets and cinema." - Los Angeles Times Book Review

"The novel... could be read as an intimate, literary dialogue between France and Germany. (Caven is German and Schuhl is French and Jewish.) That such a dialogue can be embodied in a single female character as seen through the eyes of her lover is a testament to Schuhl's originality and narrative imagination." - Speakeasy

"... a semifictional 2000 Prix Goncourt winner about the vagaries of 1970s European counterculture. . . . Schuhl's staccato yet contemplative prose (transl from the French by Michael Pye) illuminates celebrity excesses against a decadent and violent world backdrop." - Publishers Weekly

"[Ingrid Caven in]… her many metamorphoses: a bohemian Madame Bovary, a redheaded noir vamp, an aristocrat in a boa, a singing sleepwalker." - Frédéric Bonnaud, Les Inrockuptibles

"Magnificent and violent, strange and disquieting. Provocative and harshly moving." - Josyane Savigneau, Le Monde Livres