Arguing for Our Lives

Arguing for Our Lives
A User's Guide to Constructive Dialog

Press Reviews

YES! Magazine

"The book provides clear, 'simple but not simplistic' frameworks for engaging in more constructive dialog about the issues that matter most."-- Andy Lee Roth, YES! Magazine

San Antonio Current

"A pamphlet in the classic sense of all good-hearted propaganda, Arguing For Our Lives: A User's Guide to Constructive Dialog, addresses America’s fear of intellectualism and the trepidation many people (including Dr. Jensen’s journalism students) feel about claiming the very achievable title of critical thinker."-- Roberto Ontiveros, San Antonio Current


"Robert Jensen has long been one of the most vocal iconoclasts in Austin and the country, someone who isn't afraid to eloquently state his politics even when the national temperature would keep most people out of the kitchen. . . .  His latest book, Arguing for Our Lives, acts as a guidebook to rhetoric and our popular dialogues indicting ideas of neutrality, stilted notions of 'being political', but also encouraging us to passionately discuss the things we’re not supposed to in polite company. Jensen salvages the word 'intellectual' from its present nadir, demystifies the application of critical thinking skills to everyday problems, and shows how ideology and politicization are inevitable products of point of view; the more visible we can make them, the more honest the conversations we can begin to have. It’s a fascinating read that explains his own personal teaching philosophy, while exposing the ways in which our language can shroud our intents and content."--Austin Chronicle

SF Weekly: Read Local

"Do you completely trust the sensational, sound-byte driven news and polarized politicians who never seem to say anything at all, unless it is a totally frightening slip? In a time when public discourse is rife with big-money propaganda, we need to work even harder to think and communicate clearly. While Jensen has honed his critical thinking years over two decades in the classroom, this is a jargon-free book that will enable you to, in the here and now, make small, meaningful steps toward a better world."

—Alexis Coe