Hanging On Our Own Bones
Hanging On Our Own Bones
Judy Grahn

"As for what we do with borders, we cross and uncross them, / As for what we do with curses, we put them in purses / And fling them to blazes."—Recommended by Ryan

Through these seven narrative poems, Grahn weaves real-life conditions with goddess mythology to construct modern interpretations of lamentation in nine parts. Song and poem lamentations have a widespread history from all over the globe and carry a wealth of forms and a few requirements―they must read well out loud, they must address current pressing issues, and they must make every attempt to be truthful. Here Grahn's steadfast and rhythmic verse directs our eyes to crucial yet often buried tribulations of our times by critiquing white supremacy, honoring battered women, exalting the powers of menstruation, conflating all labor with birth imagery, and revealing lateral hostilities among potential allies―all in order to arouse a meaningful social critique.

Title Hanging On Our Own Bones
Subtitle Poems
Author Judy Grahn
Publisher Red Hen Press
Title First Published 15 August 2017
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 184 p.
ISBN-10 0989036138
ISBN-13 9780989036139
Publication Date 15 August 2017
Main content page count 184
Weight 16 oz.

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