Bob Dylan in America
Bob Dylan in America
Sean Wilentz

Wilentz is an historian by trade and it shows in his almost-anthropological survey of Dylan and the highlights of his life. It's almost as if Dylan himself were whispering the stories of his successes and travails into Wilentz's ear. But this book is not just for Dylan fans. Wilentz, whose family owned the famed 8th Street Bookshop in New York, has many fascinating tales to tell, covering figures as diverse as Aaron Copland and Blind Willie McTell. What can Bob Dylan tell us about America, about its literature, music, religion and politics? — Recommended by Don, City Lights Books

Sean Wilentz discovered Bob Dylan's music as a teenager growing up in Greenwich Village. Now, almost half a century later, he revisits Dylan’s work with the skills of an eminent American historian as well as the passion of a fan.
Beginning with Dylan’s explosion onto the scene in 1961, Wilentz follows the emerging artist as he develops a body of work unique in America’s cultural history. Using his unprecedented access to studio tapes, recording notes, and rare photographs, he places Dylan’s music in the context of its time and offers a stunning critical appreciation of Dylan both as a songwriter and performer.

Title Bob Dylan in America
Author Sean Wilentz
Publisher Anchor Books
Title First Published 04 October 2011
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 416 p.
ISBN-10 0767931793
ISBN-13 9780767931793
Publication Date 04 October 2011
Main content page count 416
Weight 16 oz.

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