Translated by David McLintock

Recommended by Michael, City Lights Books

Instead of the book he's meant to write, Rudolph, a Viennese musicologist, produces this dark and grotesquely funny account of small woes writ large, of profound horrors detailed and rehearsed to the point of distraction. We learn of Rudolph's sister, whose help he invites, then reviles as malevolent meddling; his 'really marvelous’ house, which he hates; the suspicious illness he carefully nurses; his ten-year-long attempt to write the perfect opening sentence; and, finally, his escape to the island of Majorca, which turns out to be the site of someone else’s very real horror story.

A brilliant and haunting tale of procrastination, failure, and despair, Concrete is a perfect example of why Thomas Bernhard is remembered as "one of the masters of contemporary European fiction" (George Steiner).

Title Concrete
Author Thomas Bernhard
Translated by David McLintock
Publisher Vintage
Title First Published 10 August 2010
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 160 p.
ISBN-10 1400077575
ISBN-13 9781400077571
Publication Date 10 August 2010
Main content page count 160
Weight 16 oz.

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