Only Revolutions
Only Revolutions
A Novel
Mark Z. Danielewski

Sam: They were with us before Romeo & Juliet. And long after too. Because they’re forever around. Or so both claim, carolling gleefully:

We’re allways sixteen.

Sam & Hailey, powered by an ever-rotating fleet of cars, from Model T to Lincoln Continental, career from the Civil War to the Cold War, barrelling down through the Appalachians, up the Mississippi River, across the Badlands, finally cutting a nation in half as they try to outrace History itself.

By turns beguiling and gripping, finally worldwrecking, Only Revolutions is unlike anything ever published before, a remarkable feat of heart and intellect, moving us with the journey of two kids, perpetually of summer, perpetually sixteen, who give up everything except each other.

Title Only Revolutions
Subtitle A Novel
Author Mark Z. Danielewski
Publisher Pantheon
Title First Published 10 July 2007
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 384 p.
ISBN-10 0375713905
ISBN-13 9780375713903
Publication Date 10 July 2007
Main content page count 384
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $19.95

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