Breaking Through Power

Breaking Through Power
It's Easier Than We Think

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Breaking Through Power in the Washington Specatator
-The Washington Spectator Dec 20, 2016

Interview with The Washington Spectator

Q:  How do you build a progressive movement that can get power? Your new book Breaking Through Power seems like attempt to answer that question.

Ralph Nader: "First, Breaking Through Power is about planting a lot of seeds and hoping some farmers will cultivate them. So, 'here it is folks, use it in your own circle and your own neighborhood and your own movement.'"

-The Washington Spectator Dec 20, 2016

Interview with Mike Papantonio on "America's Lawyer"

In the U.S., one of the few ways to achieve justice if you're harmed by a product that can kill and cripple is through our civil justice process. These kinds of cases, commonly referred to as tort actions, allow people to receive compensation for injuries or illnesses they've sustained due to corporate negligence or intentional conduct. While modern tort law has been around in the United States since at least the 19th century, only in the last few decades has there been such a huge effort to close the doors to the courthouse for injured victims. Mike Papantonio discusses the future of tort law and big business' efforts to destroy that tort system with Ralph Nader.

-America's Lawyer May 1, 2107

Interview on WBUR's Radio Open Source

Normalize, Demonize, Mobilize: How Do You Respond to Donald Trump? 
The election of Donald J. Trump came as a thunderclap. This week, the echoes are still ringing in the ears of the American polity. Radio Open Source's Chris Lydon asks his panel of guests, "What to do now?"

Rockstar economist Yanis Varoufakis starts off with a rich, nuanced analysis of the current situation. In these benighted times, he makes out a silver lining in Trump’s astonishing rise to power. "It’s possible to go against the Establishment and win." Later, critical historians of thought and activism on the left Tim Barker and Donna Murch join the show, critiquing the Democratic Party’s checkered past and laying out a path for moving forward. National treasure of independent politics and author of Breaking Through Power: It’s Easier Than We Think, Ralph Nader, also helps us look for civic consensus across party lines.  Nader can be heard around minute 21.

-WBUR Radio Nov 17, 2016

Makebright photo essay

"It takes less than 1% of the people to make change."

-Makebright Nov 17, 2016

Feature in the Brantford Expositor, Ontario

Nader says, "Canadians need to send a delegation of sanity to the U.S."

-Brantford Expositor Nov 16, 2016

WJBC Central Illinois, "Steve Fast Show"

"This is a revolt against unpatriotic corporations who rose to their profits on the back of American workers and now have abandoned them to despotic regimes overseas."

-WJBC Nov 12, 2016

Ralph Nader interviewed by Thom Hartmann, Part 2

"Minimum wage hikes are supported by 70–80 per cent of the workers. So you start with that. That is something that really means something to people," Ralph Nader, former Green Party presidential nominee, told RT America's Thom Hartmann.

-RT America Nov 11, 2016

Ralph Nader interviewed by Thom Hartmann

The question many of us are asking now, "What do we do now?"  Ralph Nader says breaking through power is, truly, easier than we think.  A conversation with Thom Hartmann. 

-RT News Nov 10, 2016

Ralph Nader interviewed by Joe Donahue on WAMC, Northeast Public Radio's "The Roundtable"

"Hilary Clinton won the election."  Ralph Nader Calls for the Elimination of the Electoral College.

-Northeast Public Radio Nov 10, 2016

Ralph Nader interviewed on KGO, San Francisco

 Scroll down to the November 7th interview with Ralph Nader.

-KGO Radio Nov 7, 2016

Interview on Fox Business News

Breaking Through Power author, and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader on whether the Clinton Foundation is corrupt.

-Fox Business News Nov 7, 2016

Interview on The Gary Null Show
-The Gary Null Show Nov 7, 2016

Essay in the Erie Reader, Erie PA

"I'm at the back of a standing-room-only crowd in City Lights Bookstore, which still thrives in North Beach where Lawrence Ferlinghetti cofounded it in 1953. Public performances featuring everything from Beat bards to bare breasts were born in North Beach (though the writers who made this district famous couldn’t even touch rent here today). But tonight’s speaker is a different kind of writer: Ralph Nader. City Lights published Nader’s new book, Breaking Through Power: It’s Easier Than We Think."

-Erie Reader Oct 26, 2016

Interview on KALW's Your Call, San Francisco

Ralph Nader discusses how corporate control has corrupted our politics and explores how citizen movements can break through power structures to create a vibrant democracy. 

-KALW San Francisco Oct 25, 2016

"The Alan Colmes Show" Fox News Radio
-Fox News Radio Oct 25, 2016

Ralph Nader at Town Hall Seattle

Taped Friday, October 21, 2016.

Oct 21, 2016

Interview on KOMO Seattle, WA
-KOMO News Oct 21, 2016

Interview on KBOO, Portland, OR
-KBOO Portland Oct 20, 2016

Event coverage in The Inquirer
-The Inquirer Oct 19, 2016

Interview in The Washington Independent Review of Books

"I would say that a laser-beam focus on Congress as developed in my book becomes a formal summons where the citizenry summon the senators and representatives to their own town meetings with their own agendas, and give the senators and representatives ample time to do their homework on the various reforms that the town meeting is going to address. Wouldn't that be fun?"—Ralph Nader

-Washington Independent Review of Books Oct 18, 2016

Interview on the Laura Flanders Show

Ralph Nader discusses Breaking Through Power on The Laura Flanders Show.

-The Laura Flanders Show Oct 18, 2016

Event coverage in the Marin Independent Journal

"Ralph Nader inspires Marin School students to 'make a difference,' and discusses his new book, Breaking Through Power: It's Easier Than We Think."

-Marin Independent Journal Oct 18, 2016

Interview on KUOW, Seattle, WA
-KUOW Seattle Oct 17, 2016

Book excerpt on Alternet
-Alternet Oct 13, 2016

Interview in Street Roots News

"At 149 pages, his new release from City Lights Books is a quick and captivating read that seeks to enrage its audience before motivating readers toward a pragmatic solution."

-Street Roots News Oct 13, 2016

Interview on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360

Ralph Nader, who ran for president in 2000 as a Green Party candidate, said that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump "both flunk" when it comes to being viable options for the White House. "If it's a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, do you see much difference between the two?" CNN's Anderson Cooper asked Nader Wednesday on "AC360."

-CNN Oct 5, 2016

Book excerpt on Truthout
-Truthout Sep 30, 2016

Interview with Thom Hartmann
-The Thom Hartmann Show Sep 22, 2016

Interview on Democracy Now Part 1

Nader on two-party tyranny

-Democracy Now! Sep 19, 2016

Nader on Democracy Now Part 2

Nader on opposition to Bernie Sanders

-Democracy Now! Sep 19, 2016

Nader on Democracy Now Part 3

Nader on Trump "the freeloading pontificator"

-Democracy Now! Sep 19, 2016

Nader on Democracy Now Part 4

Nader on third parties

-Democracy Now! Sep 19, 2016

Nader on Democracy Now Part 5

Nader on the 50th anniversary of his groundbreaking and life-saving Unsafe at Any Speed

-Democracy Now! Sep 19, 2016

Interview on the Brooklyn Eagle
-Brooklyn Daily Eagle Sep 19, 2016

Panel at the Brooklyn Book Festival covered by CSPAN

"This small book is a pocket dynamo."—Nicholas Allard, President & Dean, Brooklyn Law School and moderator of the panel with Nader, Thomas Frank and Gloria Browne-Marshall, on Nader's Breaking Through Power.

-CSPAN Sep 18, 2016

Interview on NBC-TV affiliate in Washington DC
-NBC Washington DC Sep 16, 2016

Interview in Bedford and Bowery

"Bernie's Revolution Is Great and All, But Ralph Nader Thinks It’s Time to Start a Youth Party." Ralph Nader interviewed by Nicole Disser.

-Bedford and Bowery Sep 14, 2016

Interview on Fox Business News

Four-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader called Hillary Clinton's pay-for-play involvement with the Clinton Foundation a "lethal quadrangle."  Nader is credited as author of the new book Breaking Through Power, with the book cover being featured. 

-Fox News Sep 8, 2016