America at War with Itself

America at War with Itself
Foreword by Robin D.G. Kelley


1: Introduction–Authoritarianism and the Militarization of Everyday Life

Political Geographies of the new Authoritarianism

2. Trumping America

3 Donald Trump's America

4. Political Frauds and the Menace of Authoritarianism

Landscapes of Violence in Dark Times

5. Murder Incorporated: The Growing Culture of Violence in the U.S.

6. The War on Terror is a War on Youth: Paris and the Impoverishment of the Future

Scenes of Terrorism and the War on Youth

7. Domestic Terrorism and Youth in Authoritarian Times

8. Sandra Bland's America

9. Terrorizing Students: The Criminalization of Children in the US Police State

Spaces of Resistance

10. The Curse of Totalitarianism: Thinking Beyond Pedagogies of Repression

11. Education Democracy and Hope