America at War with Itself

America at War with Itself
Foreword by Robin D.G. Kelley

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"Henry A. Giroux: Trump's Cabinet Will Be a Group of 'Neoliberal Evangelicals’"

Transcript of interview Henry A. Giroux did on the Real News Network.

-Truth-Dig Jan 9, 2017

"President-Elect's Cabinet, the Church of Neoliberal Evangelicals"

Henry A. Giroux appears on the Real News Network, talking about how Donald Trump's Cabinet appointments are a signal for a future of more war, violent military interventions, and an embrace of Islamophobia.

-The Real News Network Dec 25, 2016

"Trump Says Go Back, We Say Fight Back"

Robin D.G. Kelley writes an easy on the aftermath of the 2016 election, quoting passages from Henry A. Giroux's America at War with Itself to bookend the piece.  

-Boston Review Nov 15, 2016

"Small Books, to Keep Handy Wherever You Need a Read"

America at War with Itself included in this list, "These books, undersized but never puny, are great for carrying in your pocket or purse, at the ready when you need escape or inspiration."

-Toronto Star Nov 13, 2016

"The Authoritarian Politics of Resentment in America"

A post-election op-ed in Truthout by Henry A. Giroux.

-Truthout Nov 13, 2016

"A Tear in the Fabric of America's Political Theater"

Henry Giroux and Paul Jay discuss the collapsing facade of American democracy.

-The Real News Network Oct 31, 2016

"America at War with Itself: The Sandstorm"

An excerpt from America at War with Itself.

-OpEdNews Sep 24, 2016

"'We No Longer Live in a Democracy': Henry Giroux on a United States at War with Itself"

Interview with Truthout on the subject of America at War with Itself.

-Leslie Thatcher Sep 24, 2016

"Henry Giroux on the Pathology of Politics in Our Welfare State"

An article appearing in the Fall 2016 issue of Tikkun. Opens with an editor's note by Rabbi Michael Lerner.

-Henry A. Giroux Sep 23, 2016

"The Scourge of Neoliberalism with Henry Giroux"

Video: Henry Giroux joins RT's Watching the Hawks to talk about his new book, America at War with Itself, and the meaning of neoliberalism.

-RT Watching the Hawks Sep 23, 2016

"America at War with Itself"

An op-ed by Henry A. Giroux appearing in The Hamilton Spectator.

-The Hamilton Spectator Sep 22, 2016

"The Ethical Bankruptcy of the US Ruling Elites Paved Way for Trump"

An excerpt from America at War with Itself appearing on Truthout.

-Henry A. Giroux Sep 22, 2016

"Allen Ruff speaks with Henry Giroux of McMaster University"

Henry Giroux discusses the subjects of his new book, America at War with Itself.

-WORT Radio Sep 15, 2016

"Watch Julian Casablancas Talk Government Corruption with Henry Giroux" - Video Interview

In the video, Casablancas interviews Giroux for a wide-ranging conversation that touches on topics including banks' control over government, why democracy is an illusion, deceptive journalism and the dangers of speaking truth to power. 
The Strokes frontman also opens up about the roots of his own political awakening and his struggle to spread the word to the uninformed: "The burden is they don't understand the burden," he says. "I grew up thinking, 'Democracy, we solved all those problems; they're old problems and we fixed it.' And frankly it's hard to face that. It's depressing … The struggle is whether or not you understand that there is a struggle going on."

-Rolling Stone Sep 13, 2016

"The New, Old Authoritarianism of Donald Trump"

An excerpt from America at War with Itself by Henry A. Giroux

-Alternet Sep 12, 2016

"Henry A. Giroux Interviewed on KZYX Forthright Radio"

Henry Giroux discusses his work and America at War with Itself with KZYX Forthright Radio.

-KZYX Forthright Radio Sep 7, 2016

"What is the tipping point? Everyday authoritarianism in America."

Henry A. Giroux interviewed on the This Is Hell! podcast.

Cultural critic Henry Giroux explains how a new strain of authoritarianism has seized American politics and culture, injecting and celebrating violence and militarism into our media and economy, creating disposable scapegoats of the marginalized, and ultimately devaluing the cornerstones of democratic thought - reason, solidarity and equality.

-This Is Hell! Aug 27, 2016

"Is Donald Trump a Sign that Fascism on the Rise in the US?" - An interview with Henry A. Giroux

On Radioactivity Wednesday on WMNF in Tampa, guest Henry A. Giroux, McMaster University Professor for Scholarship in the Public Interest and author of America at War with Itself, says that Trump's call to respond to dissent with violence is encouraging an atmosphere of "Neo-facism".

- Nicole Martinez Aug 24, 2016

"New Nonfiction Coming this September"

America at War with Itself featured in PGC's "Bookstore Bulletin" newsletter - "New Nonfiction Coming This September".

-Publishers Group Canada Aug 23, 2016

"Neofascism of the Law and Order Candidate" - Henry A. Giroux interviewed on the Real News

"Henry Giroux tells Paul Jay that fear is an organizing principle of U.S. society."

-The Real News Network Aug 17, 2016

"Which Presidential Candidate Would Be More Favorable For Building an Independent Movement? - Henry A. Giroux interviewed on the Real News

Henry A. Giroux and Paul Jay discuss why 'lesser evilism' is the wrong way to frame why who wins in November will matter for working people, and more.

-The Real News Network Aug 15, 2016

"The Fascistization of America - Henry A. Giroux interviewed on the Real News"

"Henry A. Giroux tells Paul Jay that Donald Trump is not an eccentric populist, but the representative of a neofascist politics that ignores evidence, believes truth is merely an opinion, and says dissent is unpatriotic."

-The Real News Jul 19, 2016

"On Violence, Neoliberalism, and the Hallucinatory Anti-Politics of the Trump Era."

Henry A. Giroux appears on an episode of the This Is Hell! podcast talking bout the subject of his forthcoming book from City Lights: how violence seeped from America's background into the foreground of our psychology, robbing our politics of solidarity, our economy of morality, and our language of meaning and memory - and why the left must turn beyond (and against) our current political leaders, to reclaim collectivity and justice for the public, and to rally against not just this Trump, but all the Trumps to come.

-This Is Hell! Jul 16, 2016

"The Violence of Forgetting," Henry A. Giroux interviewed by Brad Evans in the New York Times "The Stone" blog.

"This is the fifth in a series of dialogues with philosophers and critical theorists on violence. This conversation is with Henry A. Giroux, a professor in the department of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. His latest book is America at War with Itself (City Lights)."

-The New York Times Jun 20, 2016

"Fall 2016 Adult Announcements: Politics & Current Events"

America at War with Itself selected as a highlight for Fall 2016 by Publishers Weekly.

-Publishers Weekly Jun 17, 2016

"Is Donald Trump Actually a Fascist?"

Henry A. Giroux is quoted in this article examining Donald Trump's fascist remarks before the 2016 election cycle. 

"The argument about whether Trump is a fascist or not is really a diversion," says Henry Giroux of McMaster University, author of America at War With Itself. “He is an authoritarian who terribly threatens democracy.” He adds, “Trump is the result of a long series of attacks on democracy, and now the real divide is between those who do and don’t believe in democracy.”

-Toronto Star Apr 2, 2016

"Henry Giroux: Trump's Popularity Can Be Attributed to Culture of Fear, Racism and Hate"

Video: Henry A. Giroux, appearing on CBC TV, attributes Donald Trump's popularity to at least three specific issues. 

-Truthout Mar 8, 2016

"Can Donald Trump Be Stopped?"

Video: CHCH News asked a McMaster University professor and author, Henry Giroux, for his take on "The Donald" and his chances to become the next President of the United States of America. Giroux is interviewed in his office.

-CHCH Mar 3, 2016

"Poisoned City: Flint and the Specter of Domestic Terrorism"

A chapter from Henry A. Giroux's forthcoming book, America at War with Itself, appears in Truthout.

-Truthout Mar 3, 2016