The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers
The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers
Edited by Tim Hunt

This new selected edition of Jeffers's poetry is the first to include material from his entire career. When Jeffers shaped the 1938 Selected Poetry, he drew from his most productive period (1917-37), but his career was not over yet. In the quarter century that followed, four more volumes of his poetry were published. This new selected edition draws from these later volumes in addition to the earlier poetry, and it includes a sampling of the poems Jeffers left unpublished, along with several prose pieces in which he reflects on his poetry and poetics.

This edition also adopts the texts of the recently completed The Collected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers (five volumes, Stanford, 1988-2000). When the poems were originally published, copy editors and typesetters adjusted Jeffers's punctuation, often obscuring the rhythm and pacing of what he actually wrote, and at points even obscuring meaning and nuance. This new selected edition, then, is a much broader, more accurate representation of Jeffers's career than the previous Selected Poetry.

Title The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers
Author Robinson Jeffers
Edited by Tim Hunt
Publisher Stanford University Press
Title First Published 01 April 2001
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 758 p.
ISBN-10 0804741085
ISBN-13 9780804741088
Publication Date 01 April 2001
Main content page count 758
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $37.95

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