The Earth Wants YOU

The Earth Wants YOU

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Essay for Buzzfeed/Truthout

"Children and Honeybees Oppose the Merger of Two Toxic Giants" by Reverend Billy Talen

-Buzzflash at Truthout Oct 5, 2016

TUC Radio Podcast

"On April 26, 2016, New York based Reverend Billy came as far west as he could possibly go and gave a performance slash reading at the Gallery Bookshop in the village of Mendocino. He introduced his new book: The Earth Wants YOU! as both, a celebration of life and an indictment of the forces of destruction." 

-TCU Radio Podcast Jul 6, 2016

"The Irreverent Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping"

Q & A with Reverend Billy, environmental advocate and author of The Earth Wants You.

-Street Roots News Jun 2, 2016

Interview in Studio Blog | Style Weekly, Richmond, VA

Brent Baldwin interviews Reverend Billy.

-Style Weekly May 24, 2016

Interview in "The Free Press"

Andy O'Brien discusses "The Earth Wants YOU" with Reverend Billy.

-The Free Press May 16, 2016

"Rev. Billy Brings His Infectious Environmentalist Punk Gospel to an Old Haunt"

"The group are sort of the gospel version of the Clash."

-New York Music Daily May 9, 2016

"Reverend Billy Preaches Against Extinction in Portland"

An article from TakePart discussing Reverend Billy Talen's latest crusade.

-TakePart May 2, 2016

"Reverend Billy to spread his 'anti-consumerist' gospel in Tacoma."

Interview in the Tacoma Weekly.

-Tacoma Weekly Apr 28, 2016

"Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir to Receive 2016 Edwin Booth Award"

"Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir is an iconic New York ensemble and a radical performance community with 50 performing members and a congregation in the thousands[...]Recipients of the Booth Award are nominated and elected exclusively by students in the program. Named after the nineteenth-century tragedian Edwin Booth, renowned for his intellectual curiosity, the award promotes integration of the professional and academic theatre communities."

-Broadway World Apr 27, 2016

"Reverend Billy Spreads The Word: Stop Shopping."

Interview on Jefferson Public Radio

-Jefferson Public Radio Apr 25, 2016

"Reverend Billy Preaches for a Revolution."

Feature in the Mendocino Beacon.

-Mendocino Beacon Apr 21, 2016

"KPFA Interview"

Interview with Kris Welch begins around 47 min. 50 sec.

-KPFA Apr 19, 2016

Elmore Magazine

New York's Radical Reverend and His Choir Director Talk About Their Activist Heroes, Crafting Their Unique Sound and the Desperate Need For Revolution.

-Elmore Magazine Apr 19, 2016

"Huffington Post Interview"

David Henry Sterry discusses Disney's Fundamentalistic Apocalyptic Christianity, the Church of Stop Shopping, and How to Save Mother Earth with Reverend Billy

-Huffington Post Apr 16, 2016

"Interview on Russia Today/America"

"These Protesters Are Really Pissing Off Monsanto—An Interivew with Rev Billy Talen"

-Russia Today Apr 14, 2016

"Interview in The Point Reyes Light"

"The central preoccupation of the book is how do we manifest a social movement, and how do we start a revolution in 2016? The challenges are great. The corporate messaging is so virulent right now, the white noise pouring out of every aperture. The environmental movement is so weak on the world stage, but the earth is the stage."

-The Point Reyes Light Apr 14, 2016

"Profile in the Santa Cruz Sentinel"

Wallace Baine calls the book "a grab-the-lapels call to action to wake up the sleeping giant of the American citizen."

-Santa Cruz Sentinel Apr 13, 2016

"Interview on The Lumberjack"

"Known for his over-the-top antics and Elvis-like preaching, Reverend Billy has exorcised his way through the nation, spreading an anti-consumerist message and bringing awareness of the sins of environmental pollution and privatization. He speaks with wit and confidence in a phone interview with the Lumberjack."

-The Lumberjack Apr 13, 2016

"Music Video"

Fabulous Bad Weather (Official Video)—Reverend Billy And The Stop Shopping Choir

Apr 7, 2016

"Profile in Bedford + Bowery"

"Rev. Billy: Stop 'Lining Up For Cupcakes' and ‘Switch Allegiance to the Earth’"

-Bedford + Bowery Apr 7, 2016

"Reverend Billy vows to levitate the de Young, a museum on the rise."

"If you think nothing exciting ever happens around here, at high noon April 20, the Rev. Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping will levitate the de Young Museum. This, he says, is to express his disapproval of the use of Roundup to control shrubbery around the museum. The concerns of the reverend, former San Franciscan and current Brooklynite Billy Talen, are both chemical and societal . . . and seem to have something to do with touting his book and CD, The Earth Wants You. He'll be at City Lights that night."—Leah Garchik

-San Francisco Chronicle Apr 4, 2016

"Earth father: Rev Billy sings green gospel."

"He's not saving souls—he's saving the planet! An anti-consumerist preacher and his choir of activist performance artists will hold an early Earth Day concert and book launch in Bushwick, in order to spread the word about bad shopping habits that are destroying the environment. The group’s charismatic frontman says that a light-hearted song-and-dance is the best way to hammer home a life-and-death message."—Allegra Hobbs

-Brooklyn Paper Mar 30, 2016

"Brooklyn Vegan Feature"

Brooklyn Vegan announces tour and book and LP The Earth Wants YOU!

-Brooklyn Vegan Mar 3, 2016

Dada: 100 Years Later

"By mid-1916, unable to afford the rent, the Dadaists were forced to move to other venues. Cabaret Voltaire was turned into a bingo parlor in the 1920s and a series of pubs in the 1980s, enjoying a strange half-life among Dadaism's admirers as a shrine. Its fate looked grim by the 1990s, when the structure was abandoned, then bought by an insurance company to convert into luxury apartments. Swiss artists were outraged, and in 2002, squatters occupied the site and staged vaguely Dadaist events, such as throwing 2,000 francs from a window to attract supporters. The Swatch company offered to fund its operation as a cultural center if the city council would pay the rent—315,000 francs a year—allowing Cabaret Voltaire to reopen in 2004 and become a fixture on the lively Zurich art scene. Recent visitors include Marilyn Manson and the satirical performance artists Reverend Billy and the Yes Men, who were inspired to dress up as human mops and 'lean' a local bank by rubbing themselves on the walls and floor. 'They were a bit disappointed nobody called the Zurich police,' says Notz."—Tony Perrottet

-The Wall Street Journal Jan 19, 2016

"Photos from Joe's Pub events"

A link to John Quilty's outstanding photos of Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir during their late 2015 gigs at Joe's Pub.

-John Quilty Nov 27, 2015

"Profile in The Guardian UK"

Reverend Billy Talen and his group are returning to New York City this Black Friday to deliver a simple message to Americans: resist consumerism.  Profile by Jana Kasperkevic.

-The Guardian UK Nov 27, 2015

"Video: Blessed Are You"

 Reverend Billy takes a somber look at our lives in this time of terrorism and shopping.

-Billy Talen Nov 18, 2015

"Profile in The Villager"

"The charismatic scourge of consumerism has an idea he wants to sell you on. . . ."  Scott Stiffler profiles Reverend Billy 

-The Villager Nov 11, 2015

"Profile of Reverend Billy in The National Observer"

"Reverend Billy's holy crusade against corporate greed." Profile by Charles Mandel.

-The National Observer Oct 3, 2015

Profile in The Business Insider

"The craziest thing about this legendary singing, anti-corporate preacher is that he isn't real." Profile by Harrison Jacobs.

-The Business Insider Feb 4, 2015

"Video: #BlackLivesSermon at Grand Central Terminal"

Reverend Billy gave his #BlackLivesMatter sermon and was arrested during the 18th hour of the #CarryTheNames Vigil at Grand Central Terminal on January 5, 2015.

-Billy Talen Jan 6, 2015

"Video: Climate Changes"

The Earth Wants YOU. Reverend Billy takes to the sea to spread the message.

-Billy Talen Oct 26, 2013