Distance No Object
Distance No Object

Press Reviews

". . . a collection that is possibly ahead of its time while it masquerades as an elegy for an end to an era." - Austin Chronicle

"Frym turns an unflinching eye on human interaction . . . in this sensitive and assured collection."

"Quiet and moving in their intensity of feeling." - Kirkus Reviews


"Put Gloria Frym's splendidly knowing vision of the urban with Grace Paley's and Stephen Dixon's. Her voice is tender, searching, and ever so slightly insolent--you greet these stories like friends stopping by unannounced, friends so beguiling that you wish they'd stay longer than they do." -Jonathan Lethem, author of Gun, with Occasional Music and Amnesia Moon.

"Gloria Frym's stories strike me as going directly to the heart in a rational way. They hurt by being clear and reasonable--like William Carlos Williams' poetry, say. But hurt doesn't mean hurt, exactly; it means affected in a necessary way." -Alice Notley, author of Mysteries of Small Houses