Tending the Fire
Tending the Fire
Native Voices &Portraits

Photographs by Christopher Felver

Christopher Felver's Tending the Fire celebrates the poets and writers who represent the wide range of Native American voices in literature today. In these commanding portraits, Felver’s distinctive visual signature and unobtrusive presence capture each artist’s strength, integrity, and character. Accompanying each portrait is a handwritten poem or prose piece that helps reveal the origin of the poet’s language and legends. As the individuals share their unique voices, Tending the Fire introduces us to the diversity and complexity of Native culture through the authors’ generous and passionate stories.

Felver’s insightful epilogue reminds us that "Native Americans today are as modern as the Space Age, and each in their own way carries forth the cultural heritage 'from whence they came.’ Their abiding legacy as the first people of this continent has found its voice in the hard-won wisdom of their art and activism. Let’s learn from this belated opportunity to look and listen to these Native voices."

Title Tending the Fire
Subtitle Native Voices &Portraits
Photographs by Christopher Felver
Publisher Univ of New Mexico Pr
Title First Published 01 April 2017
Format Hardcover
Nb of pages 248 p.
ISBN-10 0826356451
ISBN-13 9780826356451
Publication Date 01 April 2017
Main content page count 248
Weight 32 oz.