Impossible Princess

Impossible Princess

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Interview: Maybe Kevin Killian Will Make You Wet Yourself, Maybe He'll Sell You His Blood

L Magazine: "For our readers who may not be familiar with your work, what's the most accurate thing someone else has said about it?"

Killian: "Dennis Cooper wrote that 'Kevin Killian is the greatest unsung genius in contemporary American literature.' Part of me thinks, 'That seems about right,' but of course he is being very very kind."

-The L Magazine Online Questionnaire for Writer Types Dec 17, 2009

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"Man I am so jacked up on the biggest Shirley Temple in a dirty glass from Vesuvio, extra formaldehyde from the maraschino cherry, please. I went there for a mocktail after hearing Kevin Killian read from his latest book, Impossible Princess, at City Lights. Kevin Killian is so freaking funny, and his work is so brazenly vulnerable in that it's vulnerable to be so weird and risky and also risque, and he just plunges into the hilarious muck of it with pretty much the best vibes I’ve ever felt off a writer giving a reading. Some literary organization has to create a Best Vibe award and give it to Kevin Killian. Having City Lights call him and ask him to do a book with them felt like some sort of award to Kevin, and to have the editor specifically solicit his weirdest works must have felt like he won some experimental writer lotto. I mean, everyone I know is always afraid their work is too weird for a publisher, you know? Or is that just me?"

-Michelle Tea, Open Space, SFMoma Dec 4, 2009

Kevin Killian Reads From His New City Lights Collection, Impossible Princess

Listen to a podcast of Kevin Killian reading from Impossible Princess.

-Kevin Killian, City Lights Dec 3, 2009

Fall Releases

"Impossible Princess, a collection of gay short fiction by San Francisco author Kevin Killian also drops Nov. 1. The short stories explore everything from humor to dark sexual desire, with Killian weaving bizarre and unexpected twists."

-Jaime Schock, Southern Voice Sep 11, 2009

Poly tics

 ". . . Bingham also figures as a fictionalized character in 'Dietmar Lutz mon Amour,' one of an upcoming collection of short stories, Impossible Princess, by beloved San Francisco author Kevin Killian (City Lights; in bookstores by November). Killian imagines what the gay rugby champ must have been thinking as the doomed flight took off on 9/11. 'Suddenly Mark was very aware of how quiet everything was. And Todd's talking at him about the World Trade Center – the what? Partly he was thinking, those damn stewards, who seem so cruisy when they greet you on the way in, all disappear to the back and rank the talent. And partly he was taking in Todd's white, drained face, the World what? World Trade what?'

An advance copy of Princess captivated us from start to end. Killian will read from the book at City Lights Bookstore in North Beach on Thurs., Dec. 3, at 7 p.m. His books include two previous story collections, the PEN award-winning Little Men (1996) and I Cry Like a Baby (2001). His latest novel, Spreadeagle, will be published next year by Alyson Books."

-Roberto Friedman, Bay Area Reporter Sep 10, 2009