Poems of Arab Andalusia
Poems of Arab Andalusia

Translated by Cola Franzen
Edited by Cola Franzen

These poems, from the astonishing 10th- through 13th-century civilization in Andalusia, are based on the codex of Ibn Sa'id, who wanted poems "whose idea is more subtle than the West Wind, and whose language is more beautiful than a fair face." Spanish readers have long been enchanted by their enduring appeal through the versions by Emilio García Gómez. This poetry of Arab Andalusia made a profound impact on Spain's Generation of '27. Rafael Alberti says that it "was a revelation for me and had a great influence on my work, but above all influenced the work of Federico García Lorca."

"Cola Franzen's vibrant, delicious and faithful renderings of this poetic motherlode are, to quote from a poet in her marvelous compilation, 'shooting stars that leap agile as acrobats.'" —Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno, author of An Invisible Spectator: A Biography of Paul Bowles

"Of those things which delight the senses (according to a Tradition of the Prophet) the chiefest are 'water, green things & a beautiful face'; therefore a poetry of noble exquisiteness limits itself to certain tropes, in which the wisdom of sensuality is endlessly rediscovered. Blow dust from the folios of the vanished Moors & be stabbed by the URGENT NECESSITY of light-dappled fountains, the fractals of the garden, the transmutations of desire." —Peter Lamborn Wilson, author of Ploughing the Clouds

Title Poems of Arab Andalusia
Translated by Cola Franzen
Edited by Cola Franzen
Language Spanish
Publisher City Lights Publishers
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Title First Published 01 March 1990
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 96 p.
ISBN-10 0872862429
ISBN-13 9780872862425
Publication Date 01 March 1990
Main content page count 96
Dimensions 5.5 x 8 in.
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