Shotgun Seamstress
Shotgun Seamstress
Zine Collection
Osa Atoe

Preface by Golnar Nikpour

"Shotgun Seamstress is a zine by & for Black PUNKS, QUEERS, MISFITS, FEMINISTS, ARTISTS AND MUSICIANS, WEIRDOS and the people who support us." and it is. It is about thriving. And coping. It is a refusal and an invitation. Insistently creative, it is a call to action, a blueprint of Black Punk, and a community building action. It is, courageously, a labor of love.. —Recommended by Tân, City Lights Books

Shotgun Seamstress collects all of the issues of a fantastic punk fanzine into one book that focuses on African American punk rock queer and feminist artists and musicians. Full of interviews, reviews, and so much more, Shotgun Seamstress was put out from 2006-2012

"I make fanzines about the experience of being a black queer feminist punk, and also a woman who plays music. Shotgun Seamstress features interviews with and articles about Mick Collins (Gories, Dirtbombs), Brontez Purnell (Gravy Train!!!! and The Younger Lovers), Adee Roberson (New Bloods), Ru Paul, Don Letts, ESG, various black folks from the 80s DC Hardcore scene, Alvin Baltrop (photographer), Chris Sutton (Hornet Leg, The Gossip) and more!" --Osa Atoe

Title Shotgun Seamstress
Subtitle Zine Collection
Author Osa Atoe
Preface by Golnar Nikpour
Publisher Mend My Dress
Title First Published 26 October 2012
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 234 p.
ISBN-10 098501315X
ISBN-13 9780985013158
Publication Date 26 October 2012
Main content page count 234
Weight 17 oz.

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