Sister Spit

Sister Spit
Writing, Rants and Reminiscence from the Road

Press Reviews

Los Angeles Review of Books

"Despite the freshly minted paper of this inaugural collaborative imprint between Sister Spit and City Lights Books, a raw aesthetics — one that invests in seams and fray as part of the telling — powers this live literary roadshow and its now-in-print twin. Edited by Sister Spit co-founder and literary revoltess Michelle Tea, this raucous, crafted anthology lays bare the grit and labor of a DIY subculture, inviting readers into the inner sanctum of a renegade community of feminist and queer writers."

Make/Shift Magazine

"Call it maturing, call it assimilation, call it keeping an important part of popular culture relevant when anyone can get their Warholian fifteen minutes simply by posting a video on YouTube; Tea's introduction grounds queer feminist subculture and the book in our contemporary moment."

Cult Magazine

"This anthology is a page-turner, and although many of the stories deal with difficult topics like alienation, homophobia and substance abuse, a strong current of self-deprecating humour also runs through the collection."

SF Weekly: Read Local

"Edited by award-winning writer and co-founder of Sister Spit, Michelle Tea is the most appropriate editor of a compilation of writing and artwork by 'the irreverent, flagrantly queer, hilariously feminist, tough-talking, genre-busting ruffians' who have joined the band on tour."

—Alexis Coe

Bitch Magazine

"I'm eternally grateful to Tea for carrying the torch for queer visibility in literature, and I can't wait to see who she discovers next."

Curve Magazine

". . . .the immediacy of the road is brought home... and the lightning-fast pace of the selections will engage its target audience of younger dyke readers. . . ."

Ms. Magazine

"This riotous collage edited by a Sister Spit cofounder celebrates the acclaimed underground lesbian-feminist roadshow. Poetry, art, stories and snippets of self-reflection from the collective's rotating membership honor this cultural institution in its signature provocative fashion."

—Ms. Magazine, Fall 2012 Issue


"Raw, real, and riotous … Critical and demanding, [Sister Spit] asks us to imagine a better world and then do whatever it takes to make our fantasies real."

—Eleanor Bader, AlterNet

Art Animal

"Sister Spit: Writings, Rants and Reminiscence from the Road is a genuine, honest and funny collection of stories. It captures the provocative, brazen and high-energy nature of Sister Spit, though it reads like a personal journal."

—Elizabeth Coleman