Sister Spit

Sister Spit
Writing, Rants and Reminiscence from the Road

Michelle Tea

Michelle Tea is the author of four memoirs, a novel, a book of poetry and the young adult fantasy tale A Mermaid in Chelsea Creek forthcoming from McSweeney's. She has edited anthologies about class, fashion and literature, and is Editor of Sister Spit Books, a City Lights imprint. Michelle is founder and Executive Director of RADAR Productions, a literary non-profit that oversees the Sister Spit international performance tours, the monthly RADAR Reading Series, the annual Radar LAB Retreat, and other programs.

Contributions by Michelle Tea

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San Francisco Noir
Peter Maravelis
No trolley car stops at these dark, gritty San Francisco locales. The "other side of the postcard" brought to you by The City's best home-grown local writers. And edited by City Lights' own Peter Maravelis. –Recomended by Stacey, City Lights Books