Sister Spit

Sister Spit
Writing, Rants and Reminiscence from the Road

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"Sister Spit selected as Best of the Bay 2013"

The San Francisco Bay Guardian chooses the literary roadshow, Sister Spit, for Best of the Bay 2013. 

-San Francisco Bay Guardian Oct 15, 2013

"The City Lights/Sister Spit Imprint: New & Up Next"

An interview with Sister Spit/City Lights editor and queer icon, Michelle Tea.

-Elizabeth Estochen, Curve Magazine Jun 25, 2013

"Michelle Tea & Ali Liebegott interviewed for KALW's Out in the Bay"

Host of Out in the Bay Eric Jansen sat down with editor Michelle Tea and author Ali Liebegott to discuss the City Lights/Sister Spit series and to read a few passages from their newest books.

-Eric Jansen, KALW Out in the Bay Jun 19, 2013

"An Article About Michelle Tea in the LA Time"

An article on Michelle Tea, editor of the Sister Spit imprint of City Lights 

-Amy Benfer, LA Times May 10, 2013

"Sister Spit Takes Over REDCAT"

The legendary performance and spoken word collective Sister Spit heads to Los Angeles as part of its month-long tour to perform at REDCAT theater. With performances by City Lights/Sister Spit authors Authors Michelle Tea & Ali Liebegott.

-Clean Kim, The Advocate Apr 9, 2013

"Michelle Tea Interviewed by Johnny Appeal of Fresno Famous"

A Q and A with Michelle Tea, editor of the Sister Spit anthology, on Fresno Famous. 

-Johnny Appeal, Fresno Famous Apr 8, 2013

"Interview with Michelle Tea on"

Check out a review of Sister Spit and an interiew with editor Michelle Tea on

-Gabrielle, Mar 22, 2013

"Sister Spit makes Flavorwire's Top Ten Alternative Anthologies"

Sister Spit is listed among collections edited by Jeffrey Eugenides and Judd Apatow.

-Emily Temple, Flavorwire Oct 23, 2012

"Between the Covers"

A radio interview with Editor Michelle Tea and contributor Nicole J. Georges.

-Lisa Loving, KBOO Nov 8, 2012

"Michelle Tea Celebrates Debut of Sister Spit Book at Powell's"

PQ Monthly announces a Sister Spit celebration and provides a little bit of the history behind Sister Spit.

-Erin Rook, PQ Monthly Nov 6, 2012

"Literary Touchstones of L.A. Letters"

Michelle Tea and Sister Spit are mentioned in a list of "hard-working authors and cultural historians [that] keep our cultural climate both grounded and provocative."

-Mike Sonksen, KCET Nov 2, 2012

"Michelle Tea on Open Mic Scenes, Fantasy Books, and Her New Anthology Sister Spit"

An interview with Michelle Tea.

-Jasmine Mausner, 7x7 Magazine Oct 19, 2012

"The Rumpus Interview with Michelle Tea"

Michelle Tea discusses the Sister Spit imprint, forthcoming books, coffee, clothes, drugs, and the astrological signs of each of the anthology's contributors

-Beth Lisick, The Rumpus Oct 18, 2012

"Michelle Tea and Her Provocative Queer Lit Roadshow"

An interview with Michelle Tea.

-Diane Anderson-Minshall, SheWired Oct 12, 2012

"Book Notes - 'Sister Spit: Writing, Rants and Reminiscence from the Road'"

The music playlist to Sister Spit. 

-Largehearted Boy Oct 10, 2012

"Books by the Bay"

Sister Spit was mentioned in the Books by the Bay column, which is syndicated to the San Jose Mercury News, Contra Costa Times, and Oakland Tribune. The Oct. 24 & 25th events were promoted.

-Georgia Rowe, Mercury News Oct 5, 2012

"Michelle Tea on Sister Spit, YA Lit, and Living Her Truth"

Velvetpark interviews Michelle Tea.

-Marcie Bianco, Velvetpark Sep 20, 2012

"Sister Spit: Writings, Rants & Reminiscence from the Road"

Michelle Tea discusses the mission of the City Lights/Sister Spit imprint: "I won't be publishing anyone who isn't right for the tour. So, primarily but not exclusively writings that are informed by a queer, feminist outsider perspectives."

-Jessa Crispin, Kirkus Reviews Sep 18, 2012

"Read Eileen Myles' Excerpt from the New Sister Spit Anthology"

In this darkly humorous excerpt, "February 13, 1982," poet Eileen Myles gives a candid recollection of her first experience attending her own book party.

-Paige Cohen, Lambda Literary Sep 18, 2012

"Fall Arts: Your Wee Guide to This Season's Bay Area Books"

This column looks at Bay Area books coming out this season with a brief synopsis, a sample line, and a note about who blurbed the book.

-Jonathan Kiefer, SF Weekly Sep 5, 2012

"Tea and Spit"

OUT Magazine interviewed editor Michelle Tea and publisher Elaine Katzenberger.

-Adam Rathe, Out Magazine Sep 4, 2012

"Writing from on the Road: A Q&A with Sister Spit's Michelle Tea"

An interview with Michelle Tea.

-Sandra Song, ZYZZYVA Sep 4, 2012

"Insider tips: Author Michelle Tea"

Michelle Tea answers Passport's questionnaire about some her local recommendations for their blog "San Francisco Agenda".

-Jim Gladstone, Passport Magazine Jul 12, 2012

"Michelle Tea: A Writer's Passion"

Michelle Tea discusses partnering with City Lights for the new Sister Spit imprint.

-TT Jax, Lambda Literary Jul 3, 2012

"Sister Spit Translated From Stage to Page in Forthcoming Anthology"

The website Velvet Park announced the new City Lights/Sister Spit imprint and recommended the anthology.

-Marcie Bianco, Velvet Park Jun 7, 2012

"Sister Spit Books Becomes New Imprint of City Lights Publishers"

San Francisco author Michelle Tea has teamed up with City Lights Publishers to launch the Sister Spit imprint, strating with the Sister Spit anthology.

-Wendy Werris, Publishers Weekly May 16, 2012