To Die for the People

To Die for the People
Edited by Toni Morrison
Foreword by Elaine Brown

Reader comment | Oct 24, 2009, paul buhle
congratulations to all for bringing out this important book!
Reader comment | Oct 23, 2009, Elaine Katzenberger, Publisher
"Like many Americans growing up in the 1960 and 70s, I knew nothing about the Black Panthers other than the caricature of violence portrayed by the mass media. I was lucky enough to learn more about the Party's programs and philosophies before too long, but there are many who still know only one thing about the Panthers, and about Huey P. Newton, co-founder and leader. Huey Newton's courage, compassion and fierce intellect were all equally influential in the formation and development of the Black Panther organization, and this collection of his writings and speeches provides a sample of the complexity of his thinking and an overview of the relationships and programs the Panthers initiated during those tumultuous times. On the twentieth anniversary of his death, here is an introduction to Newton's historic lifework."
Reader comment | Aug 25, 2009, City Lights
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