To Die for the People

To Die for the People
Edited by Toni Morrison
Foreword by Elaine Brown

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Park Life--and 3,000 Guitars

"Golden Gate Park has once again become a nexus for huge music concerts...Politically speaking, it's especially important to bridge a sense of then and now. One person who will be doing exactly that is David Hilliard, former chief of staff in the Black Panther Party, author of many books, and current-day teacher. 'Our purpose was always to ensure that art was part of our revolutionary political process,' says Hilliard."

-Johnny Ray Huston, San Francisco Bay Guardian Oct 21, 2009

The Morning Show

David Hilliard talks to Aimee Allison in The Morning Show. Interview begins at 1hr:9min and ends at 1hr:31min. David Hilliard is the Black Panthers' former Chief of Staff.

-Aimee Allison, KPFA Nov 23, 2009