mai c. doan

Recommended by Josiah

Ignited by the suicide of her great grandmother, mai c. doan conjures the visceral, the intuitive, and the felt to give voice to the gendered and intergenerational impacts of violence, colonialism and American empire. Out from silence, water/tongue crafts a constellation of voices spanning time, geography, and dimension, illuminating a pathway for both healing and resistance—for both poetry and sharpened teeth.

"A compelling examination of the diasporic body in an uncertain landscape, water/tongue enacts the ancestral, the matriarchal, and the ritual by way of witnessing the self. Through a critique of the American dream, mai c. doan gifts us with a resilient voice seeking out truths in the historical to question "why the dead are more alive than the living." These carefully crafted lines embody a language of remembrance that becomes a way of holding space for the both living and for the dead, “until the dead is swept up / and the dead is not / dead anymore.”––Mai Der Vang

Title water/tongue
Author mai c. doan
Publisher Omnidawn Publishing
Title First Published 15 April 2019
Format Paperback
Nb of pages
ISBN-10 1632430657
ISBN-13 9781632430656
Publication Date 15 April 2019
Weight 16 oz.

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