Ghost Moth
Ghost Moth
Michele Forbes

A beauty of a novel, Irish writer Michele Forbes delves deep into consequences of unrequited love. Brought to you by the enigmatic Bellevue Literary Press, a publishing house curiously based in NYC's infamous Bellevue Hospital. One of their previous books was Paul Harding's unforgettable Tinkers. —Recommended by Stacey, City Lights Books

During the hot Irish summer of 1969, tensions rise in Belfast where Katherine, a former actress, and George, a firefighter, struggle to keep buried secrets from destroying their marriage. As Catholic Republicans and Protestant Loyalists clash during the "Troubles" and Northern Ireland moves to the brink of civil war, the lines between private anguish and public outrage disintegrate. An exploration of memory, childhood, illicit love, and loss, Ghost Moth is an exceptional tale about a family—and a country—seeking freedom from ghosts of the past.

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Michèle Forbes is an award-winning theater, television, and film actress who has toured worldwide with The Great Hunger and Dancing at Lughnasa. She studied literature at Trinity College, Dublin and has worked as a literary reviewer for the Irish Times. Her short stories have received both the Bryan MacMahon and the Michael McLaverty Awards. She lives near Dalkey, Dublin with her husband and two children. Ghost Moth is her first novel.

Title Ghost Moth
Author Michele Forbes
Publisher Bellevue Literary Press
Title First Published 26 April 2013
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 240 p.
ISBN-10 193413760X
ISBN-13 9781934137604
Publication Date 26 April 2013
Main content page count 240
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $14.95

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