The Bomb

The Bomb

Press Reviews


"His writings and speeches, coupled with the example of his brave activism, have inspired and changed the lives of countless people, young and old. Certainly much of his power lies in the seeming contradiction between his unflinching criticism of almost every established idea and his unflinching optimism--what he himself called his 'absurdly cheerful approach to a violent and unjust world.' " -- Douglas Lummis

The Midwest Book Review

"A bomb is highly impersonal. The dropper can kill hundreds, and never see any of them. 'The Bomb' is the memoir of Howard Zinn, a bomber in World War II who dropped bombs along the French countryside while campaigning against Germany. After learning of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Zinn now speaks out against the use of bombs and what it can do to warfare. Thoughtful and full of stories of an old soldier who regrets what he has done, ‘The Bomb’ is a fine posthumous release that shares much of the lost wisdom of World War II." —James A. Cox

Morning Star

"Throughout his academic career, his popular writings and work as an activist Zinn consistently, and often successfully, threw a wrench in the works of the US war machine. He may be gone, but through his powerful and passionate body of work – of which The Bomb is an excellent introduction – thousands of others will be educated and inspired to work for a more humane and peaceful world."
—Ian Sinclair

Foreign Policy in Focus

"Zinn, the people's historian, leaves us with words that bring  together thought, action, and passion. His experience during World  War II left him unpersuaded by the arguments of military necessity and the appeals to nationalism. We must refuse 'to be transfixed by the actions of other people, the truths of other times,' he writes in The Bomb. This 'means acting on what we feel and think, here, now, for human flesh and sense, against the abstractions of duty and  obedience.'" —Marcus Raskin

WIN Magazine

"The path that Howard Zinn walked—from bombardier to activist—gives hope that each of us can move from clinical detachment to ardent commitment, from violence to nonviolence." — Frida Berrigan

In These Times

"Zinn's last book is a modest appeal to humanity: War is miserable, and we have to stop it."
—Micah Uetricht

LA Progressive

"The late Howard Zinn's new book The Bomb is a brilliant little dissection of some of the central myths of our militarized society."
—David Swanson

The Rag Blog

"Part history, part memoir, part sermon, The Bomb is meant to wake up citizens, to rouse them to reject 'the abstractions of duty and obedience' and to refuse to heed the call of war."

—Jonah Raskin, The Rag Blog

Veterans for Peace

"This is in all likelihood the final original book by long-time VFP member and WWII vet Zinn. It has a publication date of August 2010 to mark the 65th anniversary of America's two atomic bombings of Japan. The much-loved, greatly admired Zinn died in January, 2010 at 88, just a month after completing this volume."

—Will Shapira


"Occasioned by the 65th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, Zinn's final work (completed just before his death in January 2010), combines a discussion of the horrors of atomic warfare with a glimpse at the carnage in Royan, which included the deaths of over 1,000 civilians in one of the first uses of napalm. . . . Zinn's call to reject disproportionate violence in war remains unalloyed and relevant to today's conflicts."—Brendan Driscoll