Black Swans
Black Swans
Eve Babitz

"He was not remote, elevated, or windy enough for me; by God, I liked my men humiliating or at least impossible to get to..." Eve Babitz is full of such delights. Come for the gossip, stay for the sentences. —Recommended by Vanessa & Cassie

A new reissue of Babitz's collection of nine stories that look back on the 1980s and early 1990s―decades of dreams, drink, and glimpses of a changing world. Black Swans further celebrates the phenomenon of Eve Babitz, cementing her reputation as the voice of a generation.

"Babitz's talent for the brilliant line, honed to a point, never interferes with her feel for languid pleasures."The New York Times Book Review

"On the page, Babitz is pure pleasure―a perpetual-motion machine of no-stakes elation and champagne fizz."The New Yorker

"[A] true original."The Boston Globe

"She's a natural. Or gives every appearance of being one, her writing elevated yet slangy, bright, bouncy, cheerfully hedonistic―L.A. in it purest, most idealized form." Vanity Fair

"Babitz's writing is also like the jacaranda tree in glorious bloom―bewitching an entire city, but all too brief." ―Los Angeles Review of Books

Title Black Swans
Subtitle Stories
Author Eve Babitz
Publisher Counterpoint
Title First Published 10 April 2018
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 256 p.
ISBN-10 1640090509
ISBN-13 9781640090507
Publication Date 10 April 2018
Main content page count 256
Weight 16 oz.