Dispatches from the Race War

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Dispatches from the Race War

Interview on MSNBC's "The ReidOut" with Joy Reid
Feb 16, 2021
Tim Wise joins NAACP President & CEO Derrick Johnson, and Angela Rye, Former Exec Director & Counsel, Congressional Black Caucus, to discuss the NAACP and Congressman Thompson's lawsuit against Trump.
"Trump is a confederate from Queens by way of Birmingham."—Tim Wise

CSPAN Book TV presents Tim Wise's "Dispatches from the Race War"
Feb 6, 2021

CSPAN Book TV presents the Speak Out/City Lights book launch for Tim Wise's Disptaches from the Race War.

City Lights and Speak Out present the book launch for "Dispatches from the Race War"
Jan 28, 2021

Tim Wise discusses his new book with Amalia Mesa, Managing Director of Speak Out.

Interview in "The Prospect"
Jan 28, 2021

"White America is fracturing in a way that the country fractured at the time of the Civil War. It's split between those white folks who embrace the new America, which is much more multicultural, multiracial, and pluralistic, and those who are deathly afraid of that and wish to hold on to the old order."—Tim Wise

Medium Essay: "Yes, This Is Your America"
Jan 20, 2021

"It is time to do more than merely impeach and remove this president. It is also time to impeach our hagiographic understanding of who we are and remove the blinders from our eyes."

Interview on Strange Days with Fernand Amandi
Jan 18, 2021

Will the domestic terrorist attack on our US Capitol by pro-Trump white supremacists spark a Second Civil War? Experts, Tim Wise and Jared Yates Sexton, who long ago predicted these events would come to pass, explain to Fernand Amandi & his #StrangeDaysPodcast what happens next.

Tim Wise's interview begins around the 43 minute mark.

Tim Wise featured in video produced by Rage Against the Machine X the Ummah Chroma
Jan 15, 2021

The New York Times
Jan 12, 2021

"Drawing on events from the killing of Trayvon Martin to the Black Lives Matter protests last summer, Wise calls to account his fellow white citizens and exhorts them to combat racist power structures."—The New York Times

Interview with Chauncey DeVega "The Truth Report"
Jan 8, 2021

Tim Wise is one of America's and the world's leading experts on white privilege and racism. He is the author of numerous books including his most recent Dispatches from the Race War.

Tim Wise explains how Whiteness and white privilege and white violence enabled Trump's coup attempt and his fascist mob’s lethal assault on the United States Capitol Building on Wednesday.

He also reflects upon how Whiteness and white privilege empowered Trumpists and other fascists and right-wing street thugs to act with impunity in their coup attempt as well as in other acts of insurrection and treason during the Age of Trump.

Review in The New York Journal of Books
Jan 5, 2021
 " . . . shares some of the clearest, most honest thinking about racism, inequality, and white privilege that you are ever likely to hear from a white man. 'Can we just put aside all the rationalizations and deflections to which we reflexively pivot and instead imagine what it must feel like to walk through life having to always think about how to behave so as not to scare white people, or so as not to trigger our contempt?' he asks."—Joseph Barbato, NY Journal of Books

Feature in the "Nashville Scene"
Dec 10, 2020

In the introduction to Tim Wise's Dispatches From the Race War, the author recalls a question his great-aunt Jean put to him at a family reunion in 1994: "Do you think we’re ever going to have a race war?" The question wasn’t totally out of the blue. Wise was then a 25-year-old anti-racism activist who’d launched an anti-apartheid campaign as a Tulane undergraduate. His answer — that such a war had been raging since 1619 — prompted his aunt’s silent retreat. . . .

Interview on "Writer's Voice Radio"
Dec 10, 2020

"Sometimes we act as if inequality is a failure in the system, a failure to live up to our ideals. But, it's only a failure if you think that the system was really created for everyone. When it proceeds to harm certain people that it was never set up to benefit in the first place, it's not failure. That's actually the system working exactly as it was intended. And, if we don't like that, we need to change it."—Tim Wise discussing his new book Dispatches from the Race War with Francesca Rheannon on "Writer's Voice Radio"

Interview on WBAI, New York
Dec 1, 2020
"You can't understand the phenomena of Trumpism without putting it in the context of backlash to Barack Obama. This is a man whose political star rises on the back of birtherism, which is fundamentally racist and white supremacist."—Tim Wise discussing his new book Dispatches from the Race War on WBAI, NY

Review in "Chapter 16"
Nov 30, 2020

"Wise is at his best when he's inviting readers to exit the realm of abstract intellectualizing and envision lived Black experience at an emotional, human level. . . . Dispatches from the Race War exhorts white Americans to join the struggle for a fairer society."—Kim Green, Chapter 16

Speakout Election Debrief
Nov 12, 2020

Tim Wise joins Melina Abdullah and Helen Zia.

Tim Wise on "Stand Up! With Pete Dominick"
Oct 26, 2020
"You should get all of his books which have made me understand so much about race in America. I highly recommend you get Tim Wise's new book Dispatches from the Race War."—Pete Dominick
Interview begins at 1:03:15

Review in "Crosscurrents"

"Through clear examples, inscrutable logic, and the power of direct language, Wise challenges White Americans to identify and understand the racism inscribed in the very American project and in the everyday acts of 'being American.'"—Romi Mahajan, Countercurrents

Starred Review in Kirkus Reviews
Sep 24, 2020

"A white social justice advocate clearly shows how racism is America's core crisis. Wise comments on a host of events that bear witness to pervasive racism, including reactions to Barack Obama's election, Henry Louis Gates' arrest after being mistaken as a burglar, the rise of the militant tea party, the killing of Black men by police, and the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin. 'The biases that ended George Floyd's life were explicit,' Wise writes. 'Even more, they were part of an institutional and systemic process, whereby unequal treatment of black and brown bodies and communities is normative.' A trenchant assessment of our nation’s ills."—*Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

Conversation with Chauncey deVega on Salon
Sep 24, 2020

While of course not perfect on these questions, Ruth Bader Ginsburg understood how systems of oppression such as racism, sexism and classism are interlocking, and not discrete and separate things. 

How will her passing impact America's multiracial democracy? Why does white privilege and "racial innocence" leave many white liberals and progressives in a perpetual state of shock and surprise when confronted by the latest evil from Trump and his regime?

 In an effort to answer these questions I spoke with Tim Wise. He is one of the country's and the world's leading anti-racism authors and thinkers. Wise is the author of such bestselling books as "White Like Me," "Dear White America" and "Under the Affluence." His forthcoming book, to be published in December, is "Dispatches from the Race War."

Toward the end of this conversation, Wise also warns the American people that to wallow in despair and hopelessness amid our current predicament is to betray all those who have struggled (and sometimes died), under far more challenging circumstances, while trying to make this country a more equal and just society.

Review in
Sep 15, 2020

"Educator and public speaker Wise (White Lies Matter) examines white privilege and systemic racial inequality in this collection of previously published essays dating back to 2008. Even the older pieces—such as 'Imagine for a Moment,' in which Wise describes 'white gun enthusiasts' armed with semiautomatic weapons rallying in Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia, and asks readers to imagine how different the authorities' response would have been if the protesters were Black—have a deep relevance for today. More recent essays reveal  that America is in the midst of a 'soft civil war... between those who believe in freedom and those who do not,' by looking at how the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed and exacerbated racial disparities, and by examining how President Trump's 'perpetually overheated rhetoric' has fanned the flames of 'anti-immigrant hysteria.' In some pieces, Wise is more provoking than persuasive, such as when he declares modern conservatism 'a cabal of hateful, ignorant, antisocial eugenicists intent on removing those they deem inferior from society.' Still, he offers sound advice on how to promote antiracism and 'solidarity and empathy across lines of identity.’ The result is a bracing call to action in a moment of social unrest."—Publishers Weekly

Publisher's Weekly -- Most Anticipated Fall 2020 Politics & Current Event Books!
Jun 19, 2020

Dispatches from the Race War by Tim Wise (Dec. 1, $17.95 trade paper, ISBN 978-0-87286-809-0). This essay collection explores the "birther" controversy, the killing of Trayvon Martin, the rise of white nationalism, and other racial flashpoints of the Obama and Trump presidencies.

Interview on WNYC
Jun 2, 2020

Tim Wise discusses "What Does White Allyship Look Like at this Moment?"

"Talking to Children about Racism in the Media"
Jun 1, 2020

Panel organized by Raising Equity.