The Beat Generation in San Francisco
The Beat Generation in San Francisco
A Literary Guidebook
Photographs by Allen Ginsberg
Edited by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Reader comment | Apr 26, 2010, camper trailers
A blow-by-blow unearthing of the places where the Beat writers first came to full bloom: the flat where Ginsberg wrote "Howl" Gary Snyder's zen cottage in Berkeley the ghostly railroad yards where Kerouac and -Cassady toiled the pads where Jack & Neal & Carolyn lived Ferlinghetti's favorite haunts. This meticulous guide also brings to light never-before-heard stories about Corso, Bob Kaufman, DiPrima, Kyger, Lamantia and other West Coast Beats.camper trailers
Reader comment | Jan 23, 2010, Katie Deee
A neat, travel sized book that includes thirteen walking and driving tour guides around San Francisco's Beat bars, cafes and other places frequented by the likes of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder and others. This book is packed full of great black and white photographs of the apartments, the people and the streets of San Francisco. A fascinating read that combines background on various locations together with in-depth instructions on how to get there. Discover where the Beats hung...more
Reader comment | Aug 25, 2009, Amber
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