Selected Letters: Volume 1 1940-1956

Jack Kerouac is one of America's most influential literary figures. On the Road begot the Beat Generation, which ushered in the hippie movement, then free love, then drugs and so on and so on. Yet the real Kerouac bore little resemblance to this enduring image as an open-road rebel and spokesman of the Beats. He was a lover of women and wine, all right, but also a sad, confused romantic who longed for acceptance and often viewed life with a child's perspective. By capturing his emotions in his personal writings, Selected Letters helps shed light on a figure who was as troubled as he was rebellious.

Title Kerouac
Subtitle Selected Letters: Volume 1 1940-1956
Publisher Penguin Books
Title First Published 01 March 1996
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 656 p.
ISBN-10 0140234446
ISBN-13 9780140234442
Publication Date 01 March 1996
Main content page count 656
Weight 16 oz.

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