Nan Dòmi

Nan Dòmi
An Initiate's Journey into Haitian Vodou
Preface by Madison Smartt Bell
Translated by D.J. Walker

Press Reviews

Journal of Haitian Studies

"Nan Dòmi stays localized in Haiti, yet its universality, like that of Buddhism or Hinduism or any of the enduring religious worldviews, becomes apparent from Beaubrun's instructive guidance into this transferable territory. She directly confronts the same questions that arise in every worldview, every philosophy, every religion, and every science . . . Beaubrun takes us along the Vodou path to comprehending the nature of the universe, the  nature of the ordinary and the divine, and also into the mired terrain of darkness and light, evil and suffering, and human frailty and strength, the twin threats of being and nothingness . . . Her story courageously unfolds her personal extension and deepening of awareness, not as a substitute for ordinary Western ways but as expansion of comprehension and competency . . . These are the lessons of this important book."--Journal of Haitian Studies

Miami Herald

"Mimerose Beaubrun's book Nan Dòmi: An Initiate's Journey into Haitian Vodou — the first part of the title refers to a spiritual state — is a welcome addition to the canon of vodou scholarship, a deeply felt inside account of a faith of often daunting complexity."--Michael Deibert, Miami Herald

The Guardian UK

"This new and valuable book delves into the "interior" experience of voodoo, as opposed to the usual outsider focus on ritual and cosmology. In telling the story of her own initiation and painstaking education in voodoo, Beaubrun takes us into the mystical dimensions of this ancient religion. . . ."—Ben Fountain