Nan Dòmi

Nan Dòmi
An Initiate's Journey into Haitian Vodou
Preface by Madison Smartt Bell
Translated by D.J. Walker

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"Inside Haitian Vodou"

Madison Smartt Bell's preface to Nan Domi excerpted on Utne Reader.

- Madison Smartt Bell, Utne Reader Oct 6, 2014

"With Your Whole Being", An Excerpt of Nan Dòmi

An excerpt of Nan Dòmi appears in the Summer 2014 issue of Parabola.

-Mimerose P Beaubrun, Parabola May 27, 2014

"Excerpt from Mimerose Beaubrun's latest book, Nan Dòmi"

Nan Dòmi, written by Mimerose Beaubrun, gets appreciated on Reality Sandwich.

-Mimerose Beaubrun, Reality Sandwich Mar 14, 2014

PRI: AfroPop Worldwide

In this interview for PRI's AfroPop Worldwide, Mimerose "Manze" Beaubrun discusses how she originally set out to research the lakou, which is the traditional Haitian community, and along the way, met Aunt Tansia, the woman who would initiate her into Vodou. (The link prompts you to the interview clip at 46:25.)

"This book is my participation in my culture. . . . Often there is a lot of disinformation about the Haitian culture; often it's very negative and it stops people from understanding the culture. . . . Vodou is not only a religion . . . it's a philosophy of life.



-AfroPop Worldwide May 16, 2013