Love, Poetry
Love, Poetry
Paul Eluard

When Editions gallimard published "Love, Poetry" (L'amour la poesie) in 1929, the book's success secured Paul Eluard's reputation as perhaps the greatest poet of his immediate generation. Paul Eluard (1895-1952) was one of the founders, along with Andre Breton and Louis Aragon of the Surrealist group. He had rocketed into public view earlier with his collection of Surrealist poems: "Capital of Pain", but "Love, Poetry" cemented his reputation as a poet with a growing international reputation. Despite the continued popularity of this title (it has not been out of print in France since publication) "Love, Poetry" is as unknown to the Anglophone reader as is much of Eluard's work in general. Black Widow Press is pleased to present the first translation into English of this important and still admired work. "Love, Poetry" is presented in its entirety in a bilingual edition. translator Stuart kendall also presents an enlightening introduction to the work that places it in the historical context of when it was written and today.

Title Love, Poetry
Author Paul Eluard
Publisher Black Widow Press
Title First Published 17 April 2007
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 216 p.
ISBN-10 0976844974
ISBN-13 9780976844976
Publication Date 17 April 2007
Main content page count 216
Weight 16 oz.

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