small siren
small siren

"In Alexandra Mattraw's much-awaited first book, SMALL SIREN, we encounter a poet of extraordinary observation and inquiry. An enchantment and engagement with the world commences: 'when is a voice a piano,' 'repetition needs to believe,' 'what grew before you could speak' build a kind of groundswell where Mattraw puts her ear to the hardscape of 21st century America and its global environs: Sao Paolo, Iceland, New Zealand. Ultimately, notions of country and categories break down. What we find is heresy, hearsay, and yes, wishes. Throughout, what survives is a relationship of love and courage, of errors and triumph. A human relationship of lovers, of family. This is a book of wonder and awe and strength. When the world goes down, I want to be in Alexandra Mattraw's boat."—Gillian Conoley

Title small siren
Publisher Culture Shock
Title First Published 08 May 2018
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 104 p.
ISBN-10 0999491229
ISBN-13 9780999491225
Publication Date 08 May 2018
Main content page count 104
Weight 16 oz.

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