Queen Cocaine
Queen Cocaine
A Novel
Translated by Peter Bush

The Village Voice
"...the Barcelona-based Catalan author brings an alien sensibility and lush, invented language to Queen Cocaine, set in Colombia's war-ravaged countryside.... Amat's book is a paranoid fever dream of a peasant novel – heir to those of Rulfo and Fanon, but also Lispector – filtered through the gaze of her doomed outsider."

Publishers Weekly
"Amat deftly conjures the funereal landscape of Colombia's Pacific coast — an indifferent sea; intemperate rains; a jungle carpeted with snakes and punctuated by swamps... a traumatic forced evacuation of the village near the end adds gravitas to the book, which is an acute, grimly poetic account of a South American heart of darkness."

“A happy combination of intelligence and critical insight.” - Juan Goytisolo, Times Literary Supplement

Kirkus Reviews
"In all, a revelatory tale that reads like the testimony of a shell-shocked survivor."

Library Journal
"[An] apocalyptic novel by Spanish writer Amat . . . A brilliant portrayal of the horrors of drug cultivation; recommended for all general collections, especially where there is an interest in Latin American culture."