Another City
Another City
Writing from Los Angeles

Edited by David L. Ulin

"The result of Ulin's labors is . . . an engaging and satisfying collection of fiction, poetry, and essays about L.A.; the book features mostly unpublished work by both established writers like Jerry Stahl (Permanent Midnight), Aimee Bender (The Girl in the Flammable Skirt) and Richard Rayner (Los Angeles Without a Map), and by less well-known ones like Russell Leong, Aleida Rodriguez and Samantha Dunn." - New York Newsday

"Los Angeles has been called America's first postmodern city, and David L. Ulin's brilliantly chosen cast of extraordinary writers brings that hypothesis exquisitely to life." - Carolyn See

"This regional anthology is, in the best sense, all over the map. Broad in scope and varied in style, Another City offers some of the most exciting, unpredictable writing a reader could hope for." - Bernard Cooper

"David L. Ulin has assembled the literary equivalent of the Watts Towers: a dazzling dreamscape made from the most ordinary, terrifying and euphoric debris of LA life." - Mike Davis

"Another City bids a long goodbye to the exile tradition of writing about Southern California that prevailed in the last century. Its contributors are Angelenos—native or born-again—who embrace L.A. as hometown and body of fate. Their collective dispatches are confessional, nostalgic, tender, harrowing, often very funny, occasionally exhibitionistic, unfailingly vivid and evocative." - David Reid, editor of Sex, Death and God in L.A.