Heaven Is All Goodbyes
Heaven Is All Goodbyes
Pocket Poets Series No. 61

"Tongo Eisen-Martin with Marshall Trammell: October 7, 2017"
Dec 12, 2017

Footage of Tongo Eisen-Martin performing with musical accompaniment by Marshall Trammell. The two collaborated on a performance at the Green Arcade, a bookstore in San Francisco, filmed by San Francisco State University's Poetry Center.

- The Poetry Center

East Bay Booksellers

"If you've heard Tongo Eisen-Martin read before, it’s hard not to hear him all over again as you read his work. There is a musicality to his performance, and it’s fed by the language he puts on paper. This is radical black poetry—it’s important American poetry. It’s Coltrane, Ginsberg, and Gil Scott-Heron, all alive again . . . having never died. It’s being human and fragile. It’s resisting arrest. It’s living and breathing against all the forces of law and order, that would prefer you’d not."

"Just Keep Running: A Conversation with Tongo Eisen-Martin by Jeffrey Grunthaner"
Dec 22, 2017

Publishers Weekly

"Eisen-Martin responds to state violence, deindustrialization, police brutality, the prison industrial-complex, and more in this churning whirlpool that records the complicated experiences faced by members of the African diaspora in America. He looks to history, writing of 'the way condemned Africans fought their way back to the ocean only to find waves made of / 1920s burned up piano parts / European backdoor deals / and red flowers for widows who spend all day in the sun mumbling at San Francisco.' But as an educator and organizer, Eisen-Martin is also steeped in the current moment. The passion with which he writes calls the reader to join the masses in the streets: 'you are going to want/ to lose that job / before the revolution hits.' It's a slippery, complex collection; long poems of polyphonic voices slalom across the margins of the page while unattributed quotes pop in and out, like singular expressions in a protest crowd. 'We got plenty of pain/ to stay on this guitar/ for one hundred years,' declares an anonymous voice in 'May Day' amid swirls of lament and celebration. Unabashedly a product of 21st-century America and fully attuned to its historical lineage, Eisen-Martin’s impeccable collection is a crucial document of this time."

"2 poems from Heaven Is All Goodbyes excerpted in Literary Hub"
Nov 13, 2017

"Susan Lewis does a close reading of Tongo Eisen-Martin's poem, 'Waving at the People Walking Upside-Down'"
Nov 1, 2017
- Susan Lewis

Mask Magazine
Oct 1, 2017

"Heaven Is All Goodbyes makes no promises . . . Instead, it recites a prayer that doesn't expect to be answered . . . The equanimity and confidence of these poems cut through catastrophe, reminding us to stay attuned to the present moment, sensitive to whatever circumstances we may end up in."—H. Jordan

"Reading With . . . Tongo Eisen-Martin"
Sep 15, 2017

Tongo Eisen-Martin interview appears in Shelf-Awareness's daily newsletter.

"Poem from 'Heaven Is All Goodbyes' appears in SF Chronicle's 'State Lines’ Series"
Sep 14, 2017

An excerpt from the poem "Wave at the People Walking Upside Down" appears in the Sunday Edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, with a commentary by series editor David Roderick.

"Tongo Eisen-Martin Joins 'Pocket Poet' Series at City Lights"
Sep 14, 2017

Coverage of Tongo Eisen-Martin's reading at City Lights Bookstore, and a small interview.

"Tongo Eisen-Martin profiled on KALW's 'Crosscurrents'"
Sep 13, 2017

"A revolutionary poet fans the Bay's literary fires," a radio piece profiling Tongo Eisen-Martin. Includes recordings of him performing, and interviews with Eisen-Martin and Elaine Katzenberger, publisher & executive director at City Lights.


"There is a sublime cadence in Eisen-Martin's work that is polyphonic, gritty, and unexpectedly fragile, like jazz. These poems yell, shriek, whisper, mumble in a mosaic of disenfranchised voices pondering police brutality, guns, the power of community, the terror of inherited addiction, and the cold nature of a city that blankets the poor and colored in oppression. ...I don't know about you, but it’s exactly the type of poetry I would want to be reading at the end of the world—the kind that holds a mirror to itself, then a mirror to that mirror."––Ingrid Rojas Contreras

"First few lines from 'Heaven Is All Goodbyes' excerpted in Poets & Writers 'Page One’ feature"
Aug 16, 2017

First few lines from 'Heaven Is All Goodbyes' excerpted in Poets & Writers 'Page One’ feature

"Publishers Weekly picks Heaven Is All Goodbyes as one of its 'Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2017'"
Jul 28, 2017

Publishers Weekly picks Heaven Is All Goodbyes as one of its 'Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2017'

- Publishers Weekly

"Fall 2017 Announcements: Poetry"
Jun 13, 2017

Heaven Is All Goodbyes featured in the seasonal poetry preview.

- Alex Crowley

"For Better, for Verse: Poetry 2017"
Mar 31, 2017

Heaven Is All Goodbyes is included in this list of books that are "urgent as ever" in todays' political climate.

- Publishers Weekly