Under the Affluence

Under the Affluence
Shaming the Poor, Praising the Rich and Sacrificing the Future of America

Tim Wise with Carol Anderson on The Tavis Smiley Show
Sep 19, 2017

Tim Wise with Carol Anderson on The Tavis Smiley Show

"Anti-Racism Expert Explains Trump's Scapegoating Appeal to Whites––and It Will Give You Chills"
May 29, 2016

Coverage of Tim Wise's appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources. He appeared on a  panel along with W. Kamau Bell.

- Raw Story

"Millions of White Americans Are Dealing with Economic Pain They Haven't Seen for Decades"
Apr 14, 2016

An excerpt from the first chapter of Under the Affluence by Tim Wise.

- AlterNet

"What Whites Don't Know About Racism"
Nov 25, 2015

Tim Wise's op-ed piece on CNN.com for their Race and Reality Series, offering a concise introduction to what he refers to as white denial. Despite overwhelming facts that tie inequality to racial discrimination past and present, a significant amount of white people simply do not care to acknowledge that this inequality exists. 

"Only by challenging white denial -- and that means we white folks challenging our own -- can we turn back the rising tide of white anxiety, which has manifested most recently in the campaigns of Donald Trump, the backlash against Syrian refugees and the growing hostility to Black Lives Matter protesters . . . In moments like this, we must proclaim not only that black and brown lives matter, despite a society that has rarely acted as such, but that facts matter, too; and as always, the facts suggest that white America still has some waking up to do." 

- CNN.com

"Income and Wealth Inequality: Long-Term Trends and Current Realities"
Nov 20, 2015

An excerpt from Tim Wise's newest book, Under the Affluence: Shaming the Poor, Praising the Rich and Sacrificing the Future of America on SFAQ. This excerpt also appeared in a print edition of the magazine in November 2015.


"Activist / Author Tim Wise"
Oct 15, 2015

The antiracist essayist weighs in on the income inequality issues highlighted in his new book, Under the Affluence, on the Tavis Smiley Show. Complete video of Tim's appearance, which goes for a full episode.

- Tavis Smiley

RH Reality Check

"Under the Affluence is an important source of data—bubbling over with hard, footnoted facts—to strengthen readers' resolve against the escalating inequalities in the United States … the book is an essential compendium of numbers, one that will prove useful in strategizing to end inequality and arming readers with the facts they need to tackle these seemingly intractable problems. Overall, the book is an impassioned and heartfelt defense of the poor that is rooted in the idea that America can, as Wise says, 'crawl from under the affluence to a place more equitable.’"––Eleanor J. Bader

"Racism and Affluence: Tim Wise"
Oct 13, 2015

How does race and racism affect in your life? Anti-racist activist and writer Tim Wise talks with Laura Flanders about the culture of cruelty: how the class system developed in the U.S. and how its perpetuated myths create an environment in which social justice is hard to come by, subjects explored in his latest book, Under the Affluence: Shaming the Poor, Praising the Rich and Sacrificing the Future of America. Also in this episode, New Orleans youth discuss how racism affects their lives. All that and a few words from Laura on security forces that stink.

- The Laura Flanders Show

Kirkus Reviews

"Acclaimed inequality essayist and community activist Wise (Dear White America: Letter to a New Minority, 2012, etc.) reports on the damage being incurred in America whereby 'the have-nots and have-lessers are dehumanized while the elite are venerated.' In describing how modern society has become a 'culture of cruelty,' as past attempts to sympathize and support those less fortunate have collapsed beneath the weight of classism and racism, the author explores the framework and the consequences of the nation's economic crisis. He lucidly ponders its genesis as well as the ramifications of wealth inequality, including the rampant demonization of the poor and the valorization of the rich by way of what he refers to as 'Scroogism.' Wise's extensive experience as an anti-racism activist and a longtime member of the radical left greatly informs his text, which demonstrates, through facts and case histories, that America's enduring racial divide continues to be directly tied to its economic problems. His well-rounded scholarly discussion benefits from the varying intellectual perspectives he offers, including opinions on the damaging effects of blind corporate obeisance to the 'myth of meritocracy.' What is apparent, he believes, is the need for solutions to achieve the kind of 'culture of compassion' necessary for true redemption and a dismantling of social stratification. Wise recognizes that this achievement is a tall order to fill, particularly in the presence of the current elite economic oligarchy possessing the capital and the influence to trounce equalization efforts. Sharp and provocative … the book concludes with hope that his analysis and those like it will spur a counter-narrative outwardly challenging the false notion that both the wealthy and the poor 'deserve' their places within our culture’s economic stratum. An impassioned, intellectual, and vigorously dense report on the repercussions of severe socioeconomic imbalance in the United States."

"Tim Wise Talks About an Economic System Fundamentally Rooted in Racism"
Jul 24, 2015

Tim Wise gave a talk at Phoenix College all about what he focuses on in his new book, Under the Affluence, namely the connection between institutional racism and the American class system.

Wise opened by proclaiming his gratitude to the activists doing day-to-day ground work to actively oppose racial discrimination, and urged the audience to support them as well."There is something fundamentally wrong with our culture when I am here speaking before you about these issues of racial inequity, structural racism, institutional white supremacy, and as I speak, Sandra Bland is dead," Wise said. "And the fact that no one. . . is prepared to utter her name. . .It tells us a lot about where we are and where we are not in our society." 

- Isabella Castillo, The State Press

"U.S.A., Land of Limitations"
Aug 8, 2015

Tim Wise's new book, Under the Affluence is mentioned in this front page article in the Sunday Review in the New York Times:
"As Tim Wise notes in a forthcoming book, 'Under the Affluence,' there’s an 'increasingly vituperative narrative of cruelty' to those at the bottom."

- Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times