Stranger on Lesbos
Stranger on Lesbos
Valerie Taylor

Frances, a 1950s housewife, becomes bored with her suburban life and enrolls in a class at the local community college. When she meets Bake, a butch lesbian, her life completely changes. In thrall to a forbidden world of martini lunches, late nights at queer bars, and a sexual passion she never knew was possible, Frances must chose between the safety of heterosexual marriage, or the dangers of life on the edge of society.

In this age of Mad Men fever, the re-issue of Stranger on Lesbos comes at the perfect moment, invoking an era we can't help but romanticize yet despise.

Valerie Taylor is the pen name of Velma Young (1913–1997), author of the lesbian pulp classics Whisper Their Love (1957), The Girls in 3-B (1959), World Without Men (1963), Journey to Fulfillment (1964), and Ripening (1988). With the $500 proceeds of her first novel, Hired Girl (1953), Taylor bought a pair of shoes, two dresses, and hired a divorce lawyer. After leaving her husband, she kicked off a prolific career as the author of pulp fiction novels, poetry (under the name Nacella Young), and romances (under the name Francine Davenport). A longtime activist for gay and lesbian rights, she was a co-founder of Mattachine Midwest and the Lesbian Writers Conference in Chicago.

Femmes Fatales restores to print the best of women's writing in the classic pulp genres of the mid-20th century. From mystery to hard-boiled noir to taboo lesbian romance, these rediscovered queens of pulp offer subversive perspectives on a turbulent era.

Title Stranger on Lesbos
Author Valerie Taylor
Publisher Feminist Press
Title First Published 15 June 2012
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 144 p.
ISBN-10 155861799X
ISBN-13 9781558617995
Publication Date 15 June 2012
Main content page count 144
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $13.95

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