The Big Nowhere
The Big Nowhere

Los Angeles, 1950. Red crosscurrents and a string of brutal killings. Three men caught up in a massive web of ambition, perversion and deceit.

The characters: Danny Upshaw--a sheriff's deputy stuck with a bunch of snuffs that nobody cares about. Mal Considine--DA's office brass, climbing on the Red scare bandwagon to advance his own career. Buzz Meeks-- bagman, ex-goon and pimp for Howard Hughes, a man who fights communism for the money. All three have purchased tickets to a nightmare worse than their darkest dreams.

Title The Big Nowhere
Author James Ellroy
Publisher Grand Central Publishing
Title First Published 01 May 1998
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 416 p.
ISBN-10 0446674370
ISBN-13 9780446674379
Publication Date 01 May 1998
Main content page count 416
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $15.00

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