Upside Down
Upside Down
A Primer for the Looking-Glass World
Eduardo Galeano

In a series of mock lesson plans, the author of the incomparable Memory of Fire trilogy provides an eloquent, passionate, funny, and shocking expos of our first world privileges and assumptions. From a master class in "The Impunity of Power" to a seminar on "The Sacred Car"-with tips along the way on "How to Resist Useless Vices" and a declaration of "The Right to Rave"-he guides us through a world unevenly divided between abundance and deprivation, power and helplessness.

Title Upside Down
Subtitle A Primer for the Looking-Glass World
Author Eduardo Galeano
Publisher Picador
Title First Published 05 October 2001
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 368 p.
ISBN-10 0312420315
ISBN-13 9780312420314
Publication Date 05 October 2001
Main content page count 368
Weight 16 oz.

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