plus The Whitman of Tikrit

Ours is a century of fear. Governments and mass media bombard us with words and images: desert radicals, "rogue states," jihadists, WMDs, existential enemies of freedom. We labor beneath myths that neither address nor describe the present situation, monstrous deceptions produced by a sound bite society. There is no reckoning of actuality, no understanding of the individual lives that inaugurated this echo chamber.In the summer of 1999, Mohamed Atta defended a master's thesis that critiqued the introduction of Western-style skyscrapers in the Middle East and called for the return of the "Islamic-Oriental city."

Using this as a departure point, Jarett Kobek's novel ATTA offers a fictionalized psychedelic biography of Mohamed Atta that circles around a simple question: what if 9/11 was as much a matter of architectural criticism as religious terrorism? Following the development of a socially awkward boy into one of history's great villains, Kobek demonstrates the need for a new understanding of global terrorism. Joined in this volume by a second work, "The Whitman of Tikrit"—a radical reimagining of Saddam Hussein's last day before capture—ATTA is a brutal, relentless, and ultimately fearless corrective to ten years of propaganda and pandering.

Title ATTA
Subtitle plus The Whitman of Tikrit
Author Jarett Kobek
Publisher Semiotext(e)
Title First Published 29 July 2011
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 200 p.
ISBN-10 1584351063
ISBN-13 9781584351061
Publication Date 29 July 2011
Main content page count 200
Weight 16 oz.

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