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The Novel of the Tupinamba Indian
E.F. Granell
Picaresque novel of the Spanish Civil War written by one of the most important post-WWII members of the Surrealist Movement.

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How to Write an Autobiographical Novel
Alexander Chee's essays have a dark radiance to them, and are among the best examples of sensuality as a mode of intelligence I’ve found. Highly recommended. —Recommended by Vanessa

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Sands of the Emperor (2)
The second novel in the exhilarating Sands of the Emperor trilogy, following the Man Booker International Prize finalist Woman of the Ashes

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Mary Toft; or, The Rabbit Queen: A Novel
Dexter Palmer
This poignant, devourable work of historical fiction lives rent-free in my mind. Based on a totally BONKERS true story, it centers on Mary Toft, an early 18th century tabloid star who becomes famous (or infamous) for giving birth to dead rabbits. --recommended by Anna

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Detransition, Baby: A Novel
Torrey Peters
--Recommended by Ryan

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Hades, Argentina: A Novel
Daniel Loedel
recommended by Paul

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The Twilight Zone: A Novel
Nona Fernández
Fernandez's brilliant book is a hybrid of fiction and history that takes place during the height of Pinochet's dictatorship of Chile and frighteningly conveys the idea of how violence in society has the ability to transport us to a whole other reality. --Recommended by Josiah

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Second Place: A Novel
Rachel Cusk
A haunting fable of art, family, and fate from the author of the Outline trilogy.

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Under the Spell: A Novel
Benjamin Hedin
A novel that forces us to question how much of a person, even those closest to us, remains obscure, Under the Spell reveals the astonishing, transformative power of grief. This compelling study in bereavement joins classics such as Don DeLillo's The Body Artist and Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking.

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Wayward: A novel
Dana Spiotta
Dana Spiotta's Wayward is a stunning novel about aging, about the female body, and about female difficulty--female complexity--in the age of Trump. Probing and provocative, brainy and sensual, it is a testament to our weird, off-kilter America, to reforms and resistance and utopian wishes, and to the beauty of ruins.

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What Strange Paradise: A novel
Omar El Akkad
From the widely acclaimed, best-selling author of American War, a new novel—beautifully written, unrelentingly dramatic, and profoundly moving—that looks at the global refugee crisis through the eyes of a child.