The Ethics Of Ambiguity
The Ethics Of Ambiguity

Simon de Beauvoir, novelist, dramatist, and philosopher, was the most distinguished woman writer in modern France. A leading exponent of French existentialism, her work complements, though it is independent of, that of Jean-Paul Sartre. In The Ethics of Ambiguity, Madame de Beauvoir penetrates at once to the central ethical problem of modern man: what shall he do, how shall he go making values, in the face of his awareness of the absurdity of his existence? She forces the reader to face the absurdity of the human condition and then, having done so, proceeds to develop a dialectic of ambiguity which will enable him not to master the chaos, but to create with it.

Title The Ethics Of Ambiguity
Author Simone de Beauvoir
Publisher Citadel
Title First Published 01 June 2000
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 162 p.
ISBN-10 080650160X
ISBN-13 9780806501604
Publication Date 01 June 2000
Main content page count 162
Weight 16 oz.
List Price $10.95

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