The Annotated Lolita
The Annotated Lolita
Revised and Updated
Preface by Alfred Appel Jr.
Notes by Alfred Appel Jr.
Introduction by Alfred Appel Jr.

In 1954 Vladimir Nabokov asked one American publisher to consider "a firebomb that I have just finished putting together." The explosive device: Lolita, his morality play about a middle-aged European's obsession with a 12-year-old American girl. Two years later, the New York Times called it "great art." Other reviewers staked a higher moral ground (the editor of the London Sunday Express declaring it "the filthiest book I've ever read"). Since then, the sinuous novel has never ceased to astound. Even Nabokov was astonished by its place in the popular imagination. One biographer writes that "he was quite shocked when a little girl of eight or nine came to his door for candy on Halloween, dressed up by her parents as Lolita." And when it came time to casting the film, Nabokov declared, "Let them find a dwarfess!"

The character Lolita's power now exists almost separately from the endlessly inventive novel. If only it were read as often as it is alluded to. Alfred Appel Jr., editor of the annotated edition, has appended some 900 notes, an exhaustive, good-humored introduction, and a recent preface in which he admits that the "reader familiar with Lolita can approach the apparatus as a separate unit, but the perspicacious student who keeps turning back and forth from text to Notes risks vertigo." No matter. The notes range from translations to the anatomical to the complex textual. Appel is also happy to point out the Great Punster's supposedly unintended word play: he defends the phrase "Beaver Eaters" as "a portmanteau of 'Beefeaters' (the yeoman of the British royal guard) and their beaver hats."

Title The Annotated Lolita
Subtitle Revised and Updated
Author Vladimir Nabokov
Preface by Alfred Appel Jr.
Notes by Alfred Appel Jr.
Introduction by Alfred Appel Jr.
Publisher Vintage
Title First Published 23 April 1991
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 544 p.
ISBN-10 0679727299
ISBN-13 9780679727293
Publication Date 23 April 1991
Main content page count 544
Weight 16 oz.

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