The Summer of Dead Birds
The Summer of Dead Birds

Recommended by Stacey

how does a person dislodge the scenes
that burn inside them like arsoned cars?

Ali Liebegott is reeling from a fresh, painful divorce. She wallows in grief and overassigns meaning to everyday circumstance, clinging to an aging Dalmatian and obsessing over dead birds. Going through the motions of teaching and walking her dog, she eventually decides to hit the road: Ali and Rorschach at the Center of the World.

This autobiographical novel-in-verse is a chronicle of mourning and survival, documenting depression and picking apart failed intimacy. But Ali Liebegott's poetry is laced with compassion, for herself and the reader and the world, as she learns to balance the sting of death with the tender strangeness of life.

Title The Summer of Dead Birds
Author Ali Liebegott
Publisher Feminist Press
Title First Published 12 March 2019
Format Paperback
Nb of pages
ISBN-10 1936932504
ISBN-13 9781936932504
Publication Date 12 March 2019
Weight 16 oz.

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