Electoral Guerrilla Theatre
Electoral Guerrilla Theatre
Radical Ridicule and Social Movements 2nd Edition
L. M. Bogad

In liberal democracies across the globe, where the right to vote is framed as both civil right and civic duty, disillusioned creative activists run for public office on satiric, ironic and iconoclastic platforms. With little intention of "winning" in the conventional sense, they use drag, camp and stand-up comedy to undermine the legitimacy of their opponents and sometimes the electoral system itself.

This revised and updated edition of Electoral Guerrilla Theatre explores the phenomenon of the satirical election campaign, and questions the purpose of such disruptive interventions. Drawing on extensive archival and ethnographic research, this is an entertaining and illuminating read that will be invaluable to students and scholars working across a variety of disciplines, including performance studies, the social sciences, cultural studies and politics. New case studies for this edition include:

  • Reverend Billy's run for Mayor of New York City in 2009;
  • Stephen Colbert's run for President in 2012;
  • Candidates including Superbarrio, the Best Party, Antanas Mockus, and Einstein
    the Dog.

Title Electoral Guerrilla Theatre
Subtitle Radical Ridicule and Social Movements 2nd Edition
Author L. M. Bogad
Publisher Routledge
Title First Published 25 March 2016
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 284 p.
ISBN-10 1138184179
ISBN-13 9781138184176
Publication Date 25 March 2016
Main content page count 284
Weight 16 oz.

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