Speed and Kentucky Ham
Speed and Kentucky Ham
William S. Burroughs Jr.

By the son of WIlliam S. Burroughs, two counterculture novels in one set.

A methedrine-inspired odyssey, a painfully candid exploration of the horizons of the speed freak's world, from the drug-hazed fantasy of New York's infamous East Village to the terrifying reality of a Federal narcotics hospital, Burroughs Jr.'s two novels present a vision of alienated youth at its most raw and uncensored. Speed follows Billy as he hustles for dope and money, crashing in garbage-strewn apartments and guiding a paranoid friend through the perilous city streets. With tough, gritty detachment, he describes the stages of his own drug addiction and physical and emotional deterioration. Kentucky Ham takes him from the squalor of the East Village crash pads to his father's literary hideaway in Tangier, and finally to incarceration at the Federal Narcotics Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. Through both these autobiographical novels, William S. Burroughs, Jr., tells a story of generational isolation that is as relevant today as when it was first written.

Title Speed and Kentucky Ham
Author William S. Burroughs Jr.
Publisher Overlook Press
Title First Published 01 October 1993
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 363 p.
ISBN-10 0879515058
ISBN-13 9780879515058
Publication Date 01 October 1993
Main content page count 363
Weight 16 oz.

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