Apart from Freud
Apart from Freud
Notes for a Rational Psychoanalysis


"Jonathan Cohen's stunning incision into Freud's ideas permanently alters the theoretical, clinical, and rhetorical body of psychoanalysis....The rational psychoanalysis that Cohen develops is characterized by and uncompromising belief in the individual." -Judith E. Vida, M.D.

"In this remarkable work, Jonathan Cohen respectfully, incisively, and tellingly teases out the essence of psychoanalysis from it's age-old confusion with "Freudianism' while at the same time retaining all that is of value which rings true today. This book is about the extended set of values that should characterize an enlightened psychoanalysis, both in theory and in practice. The breadth, depth, and extent of this perspective is extraordinary." -James Grotstein, M.D., Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA

"This is a book that must be read by all those with a serious interest in psychoanalytic theory and practice." - Louis Breger