The Continual Pilgrimage
The Continual Pilgrimage
American Writers in Paris, 1944-1960

Kirkus Reviews

"Intelligently done. Lively capsule histories lend zest to each writer's empowering Paris years."

Publishers Weekly

"An impressive mosaic of the Parisan American literary scene."

The Paris Free Voice

"Continual Pilgramage is a beautifully written informative exploration of the (often inexplicable) effects that Paris exerts on those who journey here. As its title implies, this exploration is an enduring one: 'In the accounts of almost all of the writers profiled in this book, Paris was equated with artistic freedom, with the ability to experiment, to succeed, even to fail without feeling oneself to be a social deviant.'"—Rob Couteau


"A well-written, substantial and fascinating piece of literary sociology."