Stone Arabia
Stone Arabia
A Novel

So you wanna be a rock'n roll star? Read Dana Spiotta's latest novel to see how that notion wildly—and quietly—plays out in the lives of siblings Denise and Nik. This is a book about being obsessed with music, about memory and remembering, and one that captures the unusual empathy we reserve for our familes. —Recommended by Stacey, City Lights Publishers

In the sibling relationship, "there are no first impressions, no seductions, no getting to know each other," says Denise Kranis. For Denise and her brother, Nik, now in their forties, no relationship is more significant. They grew up in Los Angeles in the late seventies and early eighties. Nik was always the artist, always wrote music, always had a band. Now he makes his art in private, obsessively documenting the work but never testing it in the world. Denise remains Nik's most passionate and acute audience; she is also the crucial support for Nik and for their aging mother, whose dementia seems to threaten her own memory. When Denise's daughter, Ada, decides to make a film about Nik, everyone's vulnerabilities escalate.

Title Stone Arabia
Subtitle A Novel
Author Dana Spiotta
Publisher Scribner
Title First Published 06 July 2012
Format Paperback
Nb of pages 238 p.
ISBN-10 1451617976
ISBN-13 9781451617979
Publication Date 06 July 2012
Main content page count 238
Weight 16 oz.

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